Luke Venturi

Name: Luke Venturi

Age: Very Old (Could pass for fifteen)

Hair: Brunette, and usually worn long, no matter the century. He’s always got it in a pony tail.

Eyes: Deep Burgandy

Special Gifts: Like Dustin, he has ability to control people’s thoughts. He can also physically immobilize his prey. A skill he often has found useful, but rarely uses, because he finds it to be also very inhumane, and not as much fun as the chase.

Back Story:

Luke was humanly born as Lucas Merill in Rome, Italy. He and Dustin Venturi were best friends since birth. This would turn out to be a trap in the making, as the Venturi elders were very interested in much of Luke’s gift. The day he was turned, he had gone looking for Dustin, who had not come to church that morning. He found his friend laying in his families basement in a lot of pain. The sight of his friend in pain upset Luke greatly, but none of Dustin’s family would help. He then proceeded to leave the large complex, but Dustin’s presumed father stopped him, turning him soon after. He has remained with the Venturi clan ever since.

Later, his little sister, Harper Merill would join the group.


2 Responses to “Luke Venturi”

  1. camielleyoungspicer Says:

    Aww. I feel sorry for Luke.

  2. teamjalice1863 Says:

    I do too. Poor guy. He’s really not too bad of a “bad guy”, actually.

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