Nickolas “Nick” Strauss

Name: Nickolas “Nick” Strauss

Age: 19

Born: 1945
Reborn: 1965
Eyes: Honey
Hair Blonde Normally with a crew cut
Height: 6’1”
Special Gifts: Strength, the ability to manipulate others emotions. He also has the a SafeGuard ability, which can shield his and others’ minds from others. The only known individual that can rip away his Safe Guard is Luke Venturi, which gives him even more of a reason to fear and hate him.
Likes: Music, especially folk and Jazz, Art, Football, Baseball, His Humvee.

Dislikes: Luke Venturi, MOST of his gifts, minus one. Some human needs. People who take their mortal lives for granted.

Weakness: Smell of Human Blood

Back Story:
Born in 1945, Nick grew up in an orphanage, since his mother could not afford to raise him. He was a gifted artist, and one of the instructors recommended him for an art scholarship at a school. As gifted as he was, Nick took a different route, and joined his high school football team. He was the first Freshman to make quarterback. Ever.
While in school, Nick became a part of the school’s occult club, which studied the history of many different creatures. He took a special interest in vampires.
After graduation, Nick began to pursue the occult sciences profession. Sometimes this tok him to other parts of the world.
While in Italy, he befriended a clan of immortals known as the Venturis. The Venturis taught him all about the history of vampires, and how they came to be.
Things were going well. Nick stayed with the Venturi family until his 19th birthday.
It was on this day that he happened upon Harper Venturi tormenting an innocent woman before killing her visciously. Furious, Nick demanded Harper give her a proper burial. Harper agreed, telling him to meet her in the graveyard after dark.
Upon going to the appointed place, Nick found himself set up. Luke and Dustin Venturi ambush him. After putting up a good fight, he is eventually turned by Luke and left to fend for himself.
When he finally woke up two days later, he was being cared for Alan Strauss, who’s son, Jordan had found him while they were on vacation in Rome. He has since remained with the Strausses. He is very close to Jane and acts as an older brother to Fiona, and later, Charley.

Notes on Personality:

Nick is probably the gentlelist of the “children”. He’s veryt timid, though he seems to love playing around.

Like Jordan,he is really good in an emergency. He is the calming force of the family.

He has a very soft spot for orphans , whgich is why he quickly came to identify with Charley.

One thing about Nick is that he hates his gifts. He will use them if necessary, but he prefers not to if it can be avoided at all.


2 Responses to “Nickolas “Nick” Strauss”

  1. camielleyoungspicer Says:

    Aww… poor Nick. 😦

    But! He’s pretty neat too. 😀

    He needs to come play with my vamps sometime. ;D

  2. teamjalice1863 Says:

    Yeah, I really wish these guys weren’t “off limits” for Rps. These are some of the BEST OCs I’ve ever created. I don’t think even Victoria was this thorougly created!

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