Jordan Hewitt Strauss

Name: Jordan Hewitt Strauss

Age: 20 (82 in reality)

Born: 1924

Reborn: 1944

Sired by: Alan Strauss (Massachuttes.)

Eyes-Honey Colored (or black)

Hair: kinda curly, sandy colored.

Height: 5’9″

Special Gift: A very strong Empath, and is especially in tune with those he’s close to. Can read the minds of those around him. Also is very fast

Weakness: The smell of human blood. (naturally, he’s a vampire)

Back Story: Jordan was born Thachary Marcus Hewitt in Salem, Mass. in 1926. His family were a part of the fishing/ port community. His father served as the dock master all throughout Jordan’s childhood. As a young man, he became less interested in fishing, and more interested in things of the religious nature. He took an apprenticeship with a carpenter, mostly to satisfy his mother Carolyne, but after only a year, left to persue pastorial study in Boston. It is there that he met and became accquaintences with Alan Strauss, a peculiar individual he found fascinating!

One night, while he was doing work at the hospital for the mission, he came across Alan feeding off the blood of a patient who was going to be dying. Horrified and fascinated at the same time, he demanded to know answers. Alan gave him the answers he wanted, but not in the way he expected. He became an immortal one. The year was 1944. When he woke up, Alan told him to choose a new name, and Thachary became Jordan, and has remained so every day after.

(Please note, the character pages are subject to updating. Please come back frequently for the latest!)


2 Responses to “Jordan Hewitt Strauss”

  1. camielleyoungspicer Says:

    I like him. He’s neato. 😀

  2. teamjalice1863 Says:

    Jordan is really a neat character to write for. I love all of my vampires, even the Venturis, to an extent.

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