Jane Strauss

Name: Jane Strauss

Age: 17

Born 1959

Reborn: 1976 (Sired by Nick Strauss)

Eyes: Honey

Height: 5’1”

Hair: A naturally rusty auburn, she wears it in a pixie cut, usually with a thin hairband or ribbon

Gifts: None

Weakness: The sight of human blood

Back Story:

Born in 1959, Jane lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her father, mother, and her younger brother Luther. When she was thirteen, her mother died giving birth to a set of twins which also died shortly after.
Unable to handle the burden of raising children alone, her father walked out, lving her to support them both.
Jane was uncertain about how she was going to get money, until she saw an advertisement asking for help in a house.

As it turns out, this was a house of prostitutes. She was taken in and within a few months, had garnered the most clientele. This greatly displeased some of the lder girls who had been in the business longer.
This life didn’t satisfy Jane. She felt unwanted, and unworthy. When was fifteen, exactly two years to the day she first joined, Jane begged to be set free. Her work master forbade it, and when continued to argue with him, he ordered her imprisonment for betrayal.

There she remained for two years. She received word of her brother Luther had died several days before 17th birthday. The work master rewarded her with one last customer: Nickolas Strauss.

She learned quickly that Nick as not like other boys. He was unlike anyone she had ever met.
Nick’s maternal figure, Carmen, had seen her suffering I the prison. Nick gone there posing as a customer to rescue her.

Once she was away from the whore house, Jane found that she could not remember how to react in normal society.

Nick became very protective of her. As he began to come to terms with her past, she began, as well, to hate herself and humanity for being so cruel to her as a child. Nick took her to the side on a day when she was at her worst, begging for death. He told he rabout the world of immortals. This did not soothe her, and he tried to do so himself, using his gift of calming. And the he made her like him, wanting end her human life, and help her start a new one.

When she awakened, Nick had moved them to his family’s home in Ithaca, New York. She has remained a Strauss, ever since, feeling closest to Nick. She has yet to forgive humanity for the way it treated her, and therefore is very guarded against the human race.


2 Responses to “Jane Strauss”

  1. camielleyoungspicer Says:

    Jane is very interesting! Very interesting indeed…

  2. teamjalice1863 Says:

    Her story…could probably be compared to Rosalie’s, but I won’t get into that, because I STILL want you to read these other books. New Moon in particular, since you love Jacob so much!

    but yeah, Jane is really a very cruel one, when it comes to humans, though she starts to soften towards Charley.

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