Fiona Strauss

Name Fiona Strauss

Age: 14

Born: 1980

Reborn: 1994 (Sired by Jordan)

Eyes: Honey

Hair: Long golden locks, worn in corkscrew curls. (Often mistaken to be Nick’s real sister, so they go with it)

Height: 4’10”

Special Gifts: Subjective visions. She can see the outcome of a decision after it’s made, but not choices made at the last minute. She can’t tell the outcome of decisions made by people Nick is protecting with his SafeGuard gift.

Back Story:

Fiona was born in 1980 in Brooklyn, New York. She had a happy childhood, as the only child of two stock brokers, who made a decent living. On her fifth birthday, Fiona was playing in the park when she was abducted right under her au pair’s nose.

Having been knocked unconscious by her abductors, young Fiona awakened cold, and alone in a basement. It is soon learned, through her eavesdropping that a ransom request has been sent. Her captors aren’t very nice, as they don’t give her food, or water for two days afterwards.

Months pass, then years without a ransom being paid. When she turned ten, her present was one hour of freedom, but under a watchful eye. The female of the group, who was simply called “Grace”, began to take a liking to her.

Three years later, Fiona was moved into a beautifully decorated room, though she was still locked in every night.

The daughter of the family, Emily, became jealous of all the attention the former prisoner began to receive. She hired someone to come and take care of her.

Fiona became the victim of vicious torture that she forced into silence about.

A year later, when Emily could stand it no longer, she bound and gagged the girl, dragging her into the streets, and dumping her off in a garbage bin, and leaving he there for dead.

The next time Fiona woke up, she was in a hotel lobby, with a woman bending over her, trying to hand her a cup of something that smelled revolting. It was blood, she learned, and she would need it to survive. The woman was Carmen Strauss. Her daughter Jane had found her, while hunting for rats in the alley, and brought her home to Jordan, since their parents weren’t home. She had been in bad shape, she was told, and Jordan had had to make a snap decision. He changed her, when Nick explained everything she’d gone through. Upon changing her, Jordan vowed he would always protect her from harm.

It should also be noted. Fi has no memory of her human parents.


2 Responses to “Fiona Strauss”

  1. camielleyoungspicer Says:

    I think I’m gonna like her best. 😀

  2. teamjalice1863 Says:

    Fiona is really awesome. She’s my “Alice” if you will. But she is not as bouncy as her.

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