Carmen Strauss

Name Carmen Suarez

Age: 28 (87 in reality)

Born: 1921

Reborn: 1949

Sired by: Alan Strauss (NYC)

Eyes: Honey shade

Hair: Black, usually worn in two braids down her back

Height: 5’0”

Special Gifts: Carmen has the gift of foresight. This normally comes in the form of a dream, so sometimes there isn’t anything she can do to prevent a terrible event from happening. This can be very frustrating for her.

Weakness: The smell and sight of human blood

Back Story:

Carmen Suarez was born in 1921, the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, that lived in California. Her mother had died in child birth, and she was sent to live with her grandparents in Los Angeles. She wasn’t particularly happy there, and she waited patiently to become eighteen so that she could get out and see the world.

On her eighteenth birthday in 1939, Carmen ran away with a man named Hector, and they moved to New York City. She began to pursue her dream to become professional dancer. Hector took a job as a stage hand, so that she could train.

Hector left her in 1945, wanting to pursue other things. They had two boys, which Hector took with him, stating that Carmen was not a good enough supporter for them. This devastated Carmen to the point of nearly trying to kill herself. She went insane, and was hospitalized by her own co-workers, who feared for her life.

Alan and Jordan Strauss found her wandering listlessly on the streets of New York City, after having escaped the hospital. It was 1949. She was about to climb up on a ledge, and jump. When she did, she cracked several ribs, and broke her neck. Alan was taken by her beauty, even in that state. He couldn’t bear to let the pretty one die, and therefore, Carmen was changed. She was 28.


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