Alan Strauss

Name: Alan Strauss

Age: 36 (105 in reality)

Born: 1903

Reborn: 1939

Sired by: Carlos Miraz (St. Louis)

Eyes: Honey colored

Hair: Dark Black, usually parted to the side, in a gentlemenly fashion.

Height: 5’5″

Special Gifts: None


Alan Strauss was born in 1903 in South Germany. His father was an artist, though not a successful one. He studied the violin as young boy. He had intended on becoming a professional player, but that would change in his later life.

He moved to the United States in 1920, where he came consumed and enthralled with the occult. It was while he studied that he met Carlos Miraz in St. Louis. Carlot showed him things no human had ever been privledged to know. THe price for this knowledge became his mortal life.

Alan joined the immortal world in 1939, at the age of 36.

At first, he stuck around with Carlos. But he didn’t like the way Carlos dealt with things, so in 1942, he left him, and became a wanderer. He fed on animals in the streets whenever it was a possible. He had seen how many human lives Carlos had taken, and he was set against contributing to the death toll.

In 1944, he was dealing out his own brand of relief, by speeding the death of a young girl when a missionary student named Thachary caught him in the act. Thachary didn’t appear to be frightened, only horrified by his act. True to the rules of the immortal world, Alan took the mortal life of Thachary that night, and gave him a new life. The boy named himself Jordan, and took Alan’s last name three days later. Thus, the Strauss Clan was started.


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