Charlene “Charley” Gilmore

Name: Charlene “Charley” Renee Gilmore

Age: 13

Eyes: Green (burgandy later)

Hair: Light brown, with blonde going through it. WOrn most often up in a ponytail , but she’s fond of hairbands too.

Height: 4’9″

Gifts: None

Likes: To read, vampire lore (when she can get it without trouble),journaling, school (her favorite subject is history), her brother Brent. She absolutely adores Brent.

Dislikes: Being around a lot of people, uncomfortable situations (such as new school startings and giving reports in class), Being treated like a baby

Back Story:

Charlene was born into a family of gypsies. they took the best care of her they could, before the age of five. At that time, a coven of second generation Venturi vampires abducted her after murdering the whole gypsy party. Their intention was to turn her when she was older. The older Venturis pampered the little girl, and made sure she was okay.

Around her seventh birthday, the second generation Venturi clan was destroyed by the hunting Gilmores. Carolyne Gilmore had been about to take Charley out with them but was stoped by her adopted son Brent, who had realized that she was not an immortal.

Wondering what on earth a human child was doing being raised by the most vicious vampires known, the Gilmores made a decision to take her in as theirs. There she has remained ever since.

Charley has no memory of any of this, as her adopted grandfather, a prominent hypnotist completely wiped her memory through hypnotism. Charley is often confused by the rules the Gilmores have set. She is not allowed to watch anything remotely related to vampires, nor has she ever been allowed to read the popular novels in the genre, which really is annoying, because she likes to read.


One Response to “Charlene “Charley” Gilmore”

  1. camielleyoungspicer Says:

    Haha, their interest in vampires would make Charley and Jeb best friends. XD

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