Brent Gilmore

Name: Brent Gilmore

Age: 18

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dirty blonde

Height: 5’8″

Gifts: Precognitive (but they are not reliable, and are rare)

Likes: Reading, Writing, Hunting Vampires, Karate, Table Top RPGs.

Dislikes: Vampires, People who pick on or hurt Charley. Vegetables. Liars.


Brent is the biological son of Sean and Carolyne Gilmore. He was born in Chicago, IL in 1990. He was raised to be a vampire hunter from an early age, and it is he that saves the human girl, Charlene from death when he was twelve. Ever since then, he has been really protective of his new “sister”, and would do anything to protect her.

A constant source of frustration is his mother, Carolyne, who has decided not to tell his adopted sister anything. They want to protect her as much as possible. He believes that she deserves the truth, so that she can be better prepared, should something happen to any of them, or herself. k


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