The Strauss Project

This is a new writing project I am starting. The details are still sketchy, though the characters are slowly coming to life. In the following pages I have complied, you will find further information on the Strauss Family, their world, and their friends.

An Introduction to my Vampire World

My Inspiration

Well, to be perfectly honest…I think Jordan and Nick were probably in my head as other characters at one point, because I am really comfortable with them. I have drawn a lot of my inspiration from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. But you will see some very noticeable differences, along with the similarities. Other inspiration comes from my friends, and family, as well as other authors, such as Anne Rice, and Joss Whedon.

So, another vampire novel. Big deal!

The Strauss Project is probably something that I have been working up to for many years, and I probably didn’t realize it. I will admit to having been geared up more to write it after reading the brilliant Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, however, I have always wanted to write a really good occult novel!

What makes your vampires different from others?

My vampires are ALL “vegetarian” unless they have to kill ,or feel like it is the only way justice can be served. The Venturi vampires are the exception to the animal diet. They take joy in killing humans.

My vampires sleep during the night, since they can walk about in the day light. They don’t have the “sparkle” effect of Meyer’s Twilight vampires, but that’s just because of my personal preference.

Do they share any similarities to Meyer’s Twilight vampires? You seem to really look up to her!

As with any writer, I found some things about her vampires that I really thought made sense compared to the old way I used to write vampires. So the things that are the same are technicalities. Such as the way vampires are made in my verse. For the longest time, I did the blood sharing way, as Joss Whedon, and Anne Rice had. But the venom spread seemed more logical to me.

My vampires share the distinctive eye color thing with Meyer’s Twilight vampires. Only mine have the honey colored.

I have purposely tried to make my vampires different from hers, without losing the inspiration for at least two of them. If you have read the novels, you probably will figure out which two are inspired by which two of hers.

Who or What is the Strauss Clan?

The Strauss Clan is a family of vampires that live a civilized lifestyle in Ithaca, New York. The family includes: Alan, Carmen, Jordan, Nick, Jane and Fiona.

So, What Exactly Is the Story?

Roughly, it is about two vampire clans, and their relationship to the human, Charley Gilmore. Details have remained sketchy.

Fic, Book…what?
This will more than likely become a novel. I have yet to decide for sure. We shall find out!!

At the right, you will find links that will take you to pages that will tell you a little bit about my vampires, and the humans that threaten their existence! Please note that these pages are subject update at any time, and may constantly change. Come back often to get the latest information on the Strauss family,their friends, and their adversaries.


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