The Rules:How Things Work in My World

In my universe, faeries are the size of needles. Most adults can’t see them, but there are a select few that have devices that can sense them. Others invented special goggles for faerie hunting when the Faerie extermination began. Other than that, these are the rules for seeing Faeries.

1) Children, unless born “Special” lose the ability to see Faeries at the age of ten.

2) Adults cannot see faeries (unless they were born “Special”) They must have a device called a Seeker in order to seek the faeries out. Or a pair of Faeision goggles, which allows them to see the fae.

3)Metallics, not just iron (though that is the most fatal) weaken faeries, and in some cases can just really make them very sick. Younger faeries, under the age of ten, are highly susceptible to metallic illness, and can die from it.

4)Faeries in my universe are very much like humans in that they do have individual allergies. (Chcolate is a big one amongst my crew. Gracie can’t handle it.)

5)The fae of this universe are each born with distinct abilties. Though every one of them has a form of magic for defense. For instance, Marlon is gifted with royal magicks because his family line runs into the Grand Fae’s. Felix is gifted with general magic, his strongest being defensive. (shields, invisibility, things of that sort) It varies. No two fae siblings have the same gifts, including twins.


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