Devices and Contraptions of City Faeries

There are many many devices and contraptions in this universe. Here are a few. (More will be added. Keep checking back!)

The tap: Not a water spout. The tap is a radio system that is rigged to pick up signal from Human radios within the building. The first Tap was successfully built by Felix’s father out of a broken walkman radio.

Faeision Goggles: Designed by a faerie-obsessed scientist, these specialty goggles allow human adults to see the faeries that inhibit their world.

Seeker: Another faerie detection device, it works like a paranormal energy reader, except this specifically detects faerie traces, as in my verse they have a certain energy.

FaePouch: It’s a toy that children use to carry their faerie friends around with them safely. It keeps the faerie safe, and the child happy. It is designed to look like a hip pouch, however the mechanics of it allow it to filter fresh, non-metallic air into the pouch, giving the faerie(s) fresh, breathable non-toxic air.

IronRods: Torture instrument used to hurt faeries. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

IronBars: A much more vile device, faeries are laid between them, and the bar is gradually weighted down on them, until they are dead.


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