The City Faeries: Welcome to my new Faerie Story!

Welcome! This is my first official Faerie story, and I am eager to tell it to you. I have posted bits of it already within this blog. Within these few pages, you will find some little inklings that will allow you to get a look into my created Faerie universe.

Before I leave you to all of that, let me state that I’m grateful to some very good friends on Twitter, who are supporting this project, and offering advice along the way. Special thanks to the #writechat and #pseudowrimo crews, as well as Dani, from T20s, and those of you who told me I could do whatever I wanted with a little bit of believe.

Additional thanks in advance to @theraerae, @crystalbutterly, @PennyAsh, and @Elle_Parker at Twitter, and to Holly Black for Tithe, Valient and Ironside , and to Trisha Wooldridge and Christy Tohara Shepard for creating the Shadow Guard and Cam and Monica. These individuals have been the perfect inspiration.


2 Responses to “The City Faeries: Welcome to my new Faerie Story!”

  1. Penny Ash Says:

    You’re welcome in advance ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to following this.

  2. I really like this world! It feels like you’re weaving together a rich tapestry of dystopic culture with a touch of steam-punk with the gagetry. I look forward to reading more ๐Ÿ˜€

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