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Movie Review: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Posted in Movie Reviews, Reviews on July 2, 2010 by teamjalice1863

Eclipse was one of those movies that I was sort of nervous about seeing. Twilight Saga: Eclipse was my favorite book in the series. It had the least amount of Edward and Bella, and it also had more of hte wolves, and their culture. I love hearing legends of different cultures, so having that little scene with the bonfire worked very well. I was worried so much that it ended up making me sick. I did mean to worry, but not that much. As it turns out, I was worrying for nothing. This review will talk about the movies good points. This includes the look of the film, the casting choices of new characters, and the accuracy from book to screen. Eclipse is probably one of the best made of the Twilight Saga movies. I am really anxious to see Breaking Dawn now, just to see if it makes me love that story more. Anyway! On to the review.

The director, David Slade captured the mood of the story brilliantly. The way he filmed it, the way he set it up. It was great. I am going to be sorry to see him go. Even though Chris Weitz did a fine job, Slade has something that he didn’t. The original vision for Eclipse!

There were some scenes added to the movie that were not in the book. Riley’s turning, for instance, and the graduation. Which I was not sure fit, but it was awesome.

Now to the parts that are important. The chemistry between the cast is amazing. It has been gradually getting better and better. When you see the Cullens, Edward and Bella, and Jacob and Bella in this movie, you will be believing that this cast has really become these characters.

One of the key aspects in this movie is learning the past of Rosalie and Jasper. Being the history person I am, and always wanting to know the characters’ stories, this was my favorite in the book. The stories came to life wonderfully on screen. Jasper, as always, done very well.Jackson and Nikki give off the best performances as their characters to date.

I think my favorite part was seeing all of the wolves finally together. Even though Seth was not on the merchandise, he was done a lot of justice by Boo Boo Stewart. I want to hug Boo Boo so tightly. He did an amazing job. Another newcomer to the cast, Julia Jones is scathingly amazing as the bitter Leah Clearwater, the only female wolf of the pack. She left me wanting more!

The book to film adaptation for Eclipse is the best of the series. Melissa Rosenberg has done wonders. I am extremely impressed with her work on this film. I can only hope that Breaking Dawn will be just as good. I may not be a fan of that particular book as a whole, but there are certain aspects I liked.

The music aspect of Eclipse is another staple of the Twilight Saga movies. Being the music lover that I am, I am always looking for the music in the movies. This is not just the music on the soundtrack. I worry about the score not being right too, sometimes. The Twilight movies have all been right on the money where the music is concerned. Eclipse is no exception. The score was composed by Howard Shore. He does an amazing job bringing the mood of the story to life.

The soundtrack for the movie is a little bit edgier than the previous two. There are some great tracks on the CD as well, that are addictive, and honestly, I will probably fall in love with it.


Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

Posted in Movie Reviews, Reviews on March 15, 2010 by teamjalice1863

I do not know why this movie is considered a flop. The movie has only been out for two weeks, and from what I understand, has not even been released world wide yet. That’s when we should worry! (Sorry, pent up frustration at the board at They are so horrible sometimes. Really need to stop going there.)

Anyway! Yes, so I finally got to see this, and I am really glad. The movie had more good points than bad for me. One of the best parts is the wide casting variety. The best cast came together for this one. But I have no right to expect anything less from Tim Burton, who has continuously surprised me, no matter how many of his movies I have seen.

It has a sort of Chronicles of Narnia feel at some points, but I don’t believe this is a bad thing. I actually really enjoy those kinds of feelings. Johnny Depp, per usual, gave an outstanding performance as the Mad Hatter. He made him a lot different from how I’ve always seen him, and so now he is easily my favorite character in the fandom. (WEll, second. Still love my Cheshire cat. Always have. Probably always will. 🙂 ) onh

Helena Bonham Carter was just brilliant as the Red Queen. I am a little offended by someone who thought the Red Queen was CGI. Clearly not! It was the make up job. That could have been done maybe a LITTLE better, but if it had been toned down, I don’t think it would have been nearly as effective as it was, so….I think she was supposed to look overkill. That was the Red Queen. She was always overkill in the books, from my understanding. So they were right on the money.

Now the surprise of the film was Alan Rickman. I spent a good portion of the film every time the caterpillar spoke saying, “why does he sound like Snape?!” He was the only one I didn’t know was in the movie, so I was kind of shocked to see his name in the credits. This didn’t come off to me as something he would be willing to do. He usually likes darker roles. But he definitely pulled it off.

Anne Hathaway makes a believeable if not odd White Queen. I rather liked her in this role. It was different for her from other things she’s done. Not quite so girly girl, if you know what I mean. This is coming from a big Anne Hathaway fan. (I’ve loved her since the Princes Diaries, and I have almost seen ever movie of hers since!)

The effects in this movie were great. I know alot of people felt they were lacking, but maybe it’s because it was a bit cartoony for them. However, this is Wonderland we’re talking about it. It’s all about being wacky and just having fun, and I believe they have pulled that off in a stunning matter. Maybe it’s not ‘Avatar’ quality, but for what they did, it was great. I am certain the effects would have been even more spectacular in 3D. I am hoping that we will see this movie in 3D on DVD when it comes out. However, we might as well have seen them in 3D without the glasses, because the effects were done so that it really was almost a 3D experience without the 3D.

Musically speaking, this movie was scored well. How could it not be? Danny Elfman, one of my three favorite composers did this movie. He has a knack for scoring a movie just right. He can never disappoint me with anything. (I would actually like to see him score one of the Twilight movies, but I’m guessing Summit doesn’t have the money to fund him. ;__;)

My only possible nitpick is that this movie seems to have borrowed from a book called The Looking Glass Wars. It is just a suspicion, mind you. I have not read the book, but I know enough about it to catch some similarities. It may actually have been unintentional, but I hope the author of LGW doesn’t see it, and decide to sue. Other than that, I am ready to give this film an 8 out of 10 for being very entertaining, well worth the money and wait to see it.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians:The Lightning Thief (The Movie)

Posted in Movie Reviews, Reviews on February 22, 2010 by teamjalice1863

Okay, so I actually saw this movie on Saturday, but I had to finish the book before I could write a proper review.

For me, the movie was more action packed. There were a few scenes that I thought worked better in the movie than in the book, but that’s just opinion.

I don’t have any real nitpicks as far as book to movie goes. I am a little bit disappointed with how the end of the movie went in comparison to the book. Luke was more of a bad guy in the movie than he was in the book at the end. And I think they did that more so there would be action.

Instead of his fight with Ares, there was Quidditch like flight scene with Luke. Not that that wasn’t cool or anything. I loved it a lot. But I would have loved to have seen the facial expressions of the mortals when Ares and Percy.

Something else that was lacking, and I’m not sure who else to blame for this but the script writers, is the lack of bond between Percy and Annabeth. I know it seems silly, but in the book their bond grew gradually. It happens a bit too fast in the movie. And Grover… you don’t really get a sense of the comraderie between the three of them as a unit.

Again, as I have stated many many times, it is really hard to get everything into a 2 and half hour movie. Especially when the book is about 300 some pages.

I am very impressed with what have done with the movie as a whole. As a book adaptation, it deviated a little too much. As a movie of it’s own, it was excellent. I want to see the next one, if we get one.

Movie Review: Push

Posted in Movie Reviews, Reviews on July 8, 2009 by teamjalice1863

This movie was well worth the wait. Dakota Fanning has amazing role as Cassie Holmes, and she did it well, just like she does anything else. I don’t know the other people that were in the movie, so I can’t compare their acting skills to anything, but Camille Belle did excellent as well.

The story is very… X-men like to say the least, but it also reminded me a tad of Firestarter in some respects. What I loved best about this movie was the fact that each type of psychic had a name. Pusher, Mover, Watcher, Sniffer. These are all types of psychic gifts. Pushing might be pushing it a little far (no pun intended), but all of these other things are said to exist.

I knew I was going to like this movie because of the subject matter, but having Dakota Fanning in a role, and seeing Summit go beyond the Twilight Saga made me very happy. Oh, and what I love best is that they left it wide open for a sequel or a fanfic. I usually don’t like movies like that, but I think this one worked quite well.

I do know that I am probably not going to be watching the movie with Kathy because she talks alot when she doesn’t understand something, and just like Twilight, I want to be able to watch the movie in silence, and enjoy the action.

Great job, Summit. Another home run!