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A Poem: Dreaming of the Wolves

Posted in Dreams, FanPoems, Poetry, Twilight Dreams on May 14, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(This poem is a re-telling of my most vivid dream of the wolf packs yet.)

Mainly because I’m bored, and wanted to do something random for a change.

Laying here
Night after Night
Oh lonely is the dark

Absence of light
a parallel
To what I don’t have

It’s then I wander
to places I feel safest
Fictional be damned

They’ll understand me
Won’t ask me questions of why
Just listen, as good friends would

Going for a run,
though they’re clearly
faster than I

wolves everywhere
Yet I don’t fear them
For they are my friends

On the beach now
Embry and Seth
Jake and Sam

Bring with them
fun and games
Along with good talks

Light pours in
tearing me away
From a full night.

A busy dream!