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Discovered Something

Posted in Books, My Self, Random Entries on January 30, 2010 by teamjalice1863

So today, I woke up with a massive headache. It went away about an hour later, after I had food in my stomach. This is what I had: Buffalo wings and Pizza rolls. It was good!! I also had a Cherry Coke. Very good.

I have not read any of Wicked Lovely yet. By the way, I am starting from where I left off in November. Ch. 8.

Haven’t worked on any writing either, but I have an article set to write tomorrow. I am happy about that. Maybe if I limit my time on the computer for awhile to just writing articles, and night time fiction writing, I’ll be okay. I don’t really mind.

I have nothing going on the PC lately anyway,except for Twitter RP, and occasional RPGing on the journal RPGs. So working on the PC just for writing, and occasional chatting is good.

In my time off the PC I have really enjoyed just relaxing, and getting back to my reading. You have no idea how much you miss something until you actually take the time out to do more of it again. I have read four books in a month. Granted, I started ONE of those books at the end of December, but I read almost all of it in January.

I also like the freedom to do what I want when I want. When I was constantly tied to the computer, I felt like a lot of things weren’t getting done. So I don’t want to do it anymore. Don’t get me wrong! I’ll still be around a lot, but just in spurts instead of consistently.

I think I needed this time to find this out. I’m glad I did.


Weekly Writing: May 24, 2009

Posted in Books, Fanfiction, My Self, Original Fiction, Random Entries, Short Stories on May 24, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I got this idea from Holly Black. While I’m not publish yet, these are things that I am hoping to get published in some shape or form!

Original work:

Sent off my possible submission to a friend for reviewing. I’m new to the Urban fantasy genre, as far as writing it full on, so I’m hoping it wasn’t a really bad try. *nervous nelly here* The story is title, “The IntraCity Double Dutch Dare”. I am considering writing another story set in that realm, because I loved writing for Trixie, Sol and Lottie Beth so much.

I am also working on a story about a demon hunter who has been charged with killing a pair of siblings. One an exiled demon who’s using his magic without realizing, and the other is demon hybrid fourteen-year-old that has been adopted to scientists humans, and their genius son, who spends his time trying to keep her secret. There is no title for this story yet. (and I don’t know if I should classify it as Fantasy or Science Fiction either. Fail)

Still working, slowly, on Ch. 8 of Protected One. I can’t discuss it much because it’s unpublished.

Fanfiction work:

Okay, brace yourself. There’s a lot!

The third Amy fic is coming along slowly. I have some epic stuff planned. I need a title for it.

“Matters of the Heart” Ch. 6 is finished, and it should be up in the near future.

I have begun to plot out the sequel to that fic, and the sequel to Lost and Found. Though I do not have a planned release for either, due to the fact I want to get my own fics worked on.

My final Twilight fic (theoretically) is for Embry, and I am hoping to be able to post that one very soon.

Ahem. Thanks to Cassandra Clare, I am now considering working on a Mortal Instruments fanfic. How cool that she’s come full circle. She started out as a Fanfic writer, and now people are writing fanfics about HER work. This fic deals with Simon, and it would definitely be AU! because of the content. I’ll give you a hint. Simon’s babysitting job turns into a race to save his charge from Valentine recruiting her, before the Shadowhunters can properly train her.

My workshop, and some other good deeds

Posted in Books, Dreams, Random Entries on May 22, 2009 by teamjalice1863

It’s day two of my Sci-Fi/Fantasy Workshop. Yesterday, I submitted the main written assignment. Today, I’m going to do the reading assignment, and start working on the supplementary work. Now, this work isn’t graded (neither is the main assignment), but it’s basically to help me get more out of the course. So, I’m going to take every opportunity I can to do it all, and do it well.

Other than that, I did a crap load of site advertising for Cassandra Clare’s new book series, The Infernal Devices. Why do I go to all that trouble? Well. I look at it this way. It can’t hurt, and authors need all the free advertising they can get! Who better than their fans to get the word out? If I find an author I really like, I will advertise and talk about them word of mouth as much as I can, hoping that something I say will trigger someone else to check out their books. Hell, that’s how I got into most of the authors I read now! I found out more about the Twilight Saga from just being in a Barnes and Noble than anything else, if that tells you anything.

I think I might switch up some of my links on my journaling sites to better advertise for my favorite authors. Stephenie Meyer, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. So far, these women have had such a tremendous influence on what I’m working towards writing. They’re the reason I’m in the workshop.

And one more thing. Subconscious? Stop having me dream about Disney World. It’s too heartbreaking when I have to leave kthx.

Attention all Fans of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series!

Posted in Books, Random Entries on May 21, 2009 by teamjalice1863

This site was just released today! It is the site for the prequel to the The Mortal Instruments series, called The Infernal Devices! It has information on some of the new characters, and an excerpt from the first book, The Clockwork Angel, due out in the Fall of 2010. Read the excerpt. It looks amazing!

The site was designed by Theo Black, husband of YA urban fantasy writer, Holly Black. He has done an amazing job! Some of the links are still being worked on, but over all, an amazing site, and one that I have kept book marked. Let the countdown begin!!

Last post before beddy bye!

Posted in Fanfiction, My Self, Original Fiction, Random Entries, Twilight on May 15, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Okay. So. Tonight has been interesting, and amazing, and wow. I’ve got amazing friends at T20s! I really do. Tonight, I must spotlight my friend Dani aka Jacksper. She made me a signature for my account at T20s, because she claimed I should’ve had one by now! LOL. So. What was in that signature? Well, I’ll show you!!

Alec,New Moon
Dakota Fanning Manip as Jane

Dani didn’t do the manips on these, but she found a way, on the forum to side by side them. I had the Jane picture, but had NO clue there was an Alec one! *hugs Alec* Man does Cam look terrifying there! I’m SO looking forward to this movie! Bring on the Volturi!

I did a lot of writing today. Worked more on Ch. 6 of Matters of the Heart, worked a LOT on my novel (then had to stop because LUKE decided he needed me to write a scene for him and Dustin, which I will). I even toyed a bit with the third Amy fic. I need a title for it!!

Random Stuff and a Meme

Posted in Books, My Self, Random Entries on May 9, 2009 by teamjalice1863

OMG. City of Bones is just getting SO awesome! I mean, it was awesome before, but man, now it’s even more awesome! Haha!! Cassandra Clare is just as bad as Holly Black, pulling those twists into the plot. This is NOT a bad thing. I LOVE it when Authors do things like that! I strive to do things like that myself. By the way, Jace is amazing. I LOVE him. I love love love him. XD

Got up early today, and went to the Library Book Sale. I got my hands on Wicked, StarDust, a book of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, some Brothers’ Grimm tales, The Hitchhiker’s Triology:Omnibus edition. I also got 3 CDs. Natalie Merchant’s Tigerlily, Oasis’ What’s the Story Morning Glory? and Blues Traveler’s Four. These CDs made up my 90s! I had Tigerlily as a cassette originally, I believe. It was about time for an upgrade! ^^

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their selves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. No tag-backs.

1)I have a great amount of respect for writers who take time out to talk to the readers of their work. that’s exactly how I want to be when I get published. 🙂

2) My worst fear is losing everyone I feel close to me, especially my mom and my bestest friends, Fred and Lexi.

3)I love Romantic cuteness in my stories. I also am very fond of friendship cuteness, and sibling cuteness.

4) Up until 1995 when “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts came out, all I ever listened to was Country

5) I know more about the music from my mom’s era than she does.

6)I name all of my electronics. It keeps them more “human” and therefore, I’m more apt to take care of them, and be aware of their location.

7) Atelier Iris 2 is the first JRPG I have played mostly on my own. I love it.

8 ) My favorite TV shows are actually re-runs of shows I’d watched from the 80s and early 90s.

Broad Universe and New Idea

Posted in Fanfiction, Original Fiction, Random Entries, Twilight on May 5, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I was thinking about this as soon as I got up this morning. What if I wanted to publish a short story to start with? A short story being published is just as good as getting a novel published. It gets one’s name out there. And that’s what I really want. I want my name to be known in the writing world. The money is also nice, but I just really want to share my love of writing, and creating with the world.

In the spirit of that thinking, I finally joined Broad Universe. As Danielle mentioned on another one of my blogs, Broad Universe supports female writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy. That’s me. And several other authors that I could name that I just love. So I had just cause to join. I would support my fellow writers of the genre anyway I could possibly manage to. That’s another reason why I write the reviews for the books I read. I want as many people to experience the talent of the writers that have inspired me, and changed my view on what is acceptable in fantasy, and what isn’t. And let me tell you! There are quite a few authors that have done in that in just the last couple of months!

See, I want to be that for someone else. That’s my hope. I have story. A few weeks ago, I got a review from a reader on one of my Twilight stories. The review stated that I had helped her cope with the loss of her mother. Now, the story itself had nothing much to do with dieath, but it must’ve helped, or she wouldn’t have said that. I talked to the young lady shortly after, and it turns out that my fanfiction has been a coping mechanism for her. Wow. That sounds familiar. My authors that I read are OFTEN coping mechanisms for me. See, if I can do that with fanfiction, I want to be able to do that with my original work too!

So. that’s my new goal in life. To get published in some shape or form. I just hope I have the patience to do it!