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Discovered Something

Posted in Books, My Self, Random Entries on January 30, 2010 by teamjalice1863

So today, I woke up with a massive headache. It went away about an hour later, after I had food in my stomach. This is what I had: Buffalo wings and Pizza rolls. It was good!! I also had a Cherry Coke. Very good.

I have not read any of Wicked Lovely yet. By the way, I am starting from where I left off in November. Ch. 8.

Haven’t worked on any writing either, but I have an article set to write tomorrow. I am happy about that. Maybe if I limit my time on the computer for awhile to just writing articles, and night time fiction writing, I’ll be okay. I don’t really mind.

I have nothing going on the PC lately anyway,except for Twitter RP, and occasional RPGing on the journal RPGs. So working on the PC just for writing, and occasional chatting is good.

In my time off the PC I have really enjoyed just relaxing, and getting back to my reading. You have no idea how much you miss something until you actually take the time out to do more of it again. I have read four books in a month. Granted, I started ONE of those books at the end of December, but I read almost all of it in January.

I also like the freedom to do what I want when I want. When I was constantly tied to the computer, I felt like a lot of things weren’t getting done. So I don’t want to do it anymore. Don’t get me wrong! I’ll still be around a lot, but just in spurts instead of consistently.

I think I needed this time to find this out. I’m glad I did.


Sesion 3 is a success! Some excellent feedback too.

Posted in My Self, Original Fiction on June 8, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Wow. I never thought the story of Felix and his friends would mean anything to anyone besides myself and those few that helped me see that it could definitely be more than a fleeting idea. My SF/F Workshop classmates and my instructor really seem to want to know more! I’m still stunned.

Here’s the assignment for this week’s session, and some recent feedback on it.

Felix Lightfeather is no taller than a sewing needle. He has deep black eyes, and wavy black hair. His skin is a light green,and smooth. Felix’s personality is exactly what you would expect of someone who has been tormented emotionally by tragedy. He’s got a very tough emotional exterior, and he keeps many things bottled up and to himself. He developed this habit because of his little sister Gracie, whom he holds very dear, as she is his only living relative.

In reality, Felix is very kind hearted, and he will help those he feels worthy of his time. He has a deep hatred for most humans, due to the loss of both of his parents. His new goal in life is to take down the men responsible for the annihilation of his colony, and put an end to the war between the Faeries and Human kind. He has done everything possible to protect himself, his childhood friend Marlon, and their siblings. He is not prepared to give up anytime soon.

Some of Felix’s interests are Garbage Diving in the Outworld (human world of the city), playing with his friend Marlon, and helping his mother with his sister Grace. His favorite food is actually a drink called Hinger, which is a mixture of Honey and Ginger root. When he’s not with Marlon or Gracie, Felix is likely to be found in the Common Lobby, helping out with filing and things of that nature.

Malik Davenport, the well-built security guard hired to keep an eye on the faerie captives has blue eyes, and short wavy hair. He is simply called Davenport by his fellow employees. He is normally seen wearing a simply blue jeans and shirt combination, with an occasional flannel shirt over it. He wears wire rimmed glasses. He is also very clean shaven. He can’t stand beards or mustaches on himself. He likes the clean look.

He is quick with a weapon, even though he more than likely would rather talk a prisoner into obedience, instead of hurting them. He has a general dislike for faeries, but he never quite agreed with the Faerie Extinguishing Project. The main reason he took the job at the faerie prison was to make a little extra money for his family’s medical bills. His son has a very rare disease that requires the family to have him in and out of the hospital. And of course bills pile up.

Davenport’s chief worry is that his daughter Melissa will find out what he’s up to. Melissa has had two of her faerie friends taken away from her by the Exterminators, and while Davenport knew about it, he did nothing. It’s pained him ever since. Melissa has joined a group of children to try and free the faeries, and he’s been ordered to take care of it if they break into the prison. Davenport draws the line at harming human children.

Part 2: A scene between the two

Felix regarded Davenport with a certain amount of contempt. He knew it was him who had taken Tracie captive. “Where is she, Davenport? Where’s Tracie?”

“She’s unharmed.” Davenport eyed the faerie warily. He knew how tricky they could be. He wouldn’t have been surprised if this one tried to bite or scratch him. Felix Lightfeather. That’s what this one’s name was. “You, on the other hand, are lucky you’re still alive. It won’t be long now. We’re just waiting for orders from the higher ups. Then you and your friends will be destroyed for good.”

“There’s no way you’re going to get away with this! Someone will stop you.” Felix replied bravely, trying hard to keep the wavering out his voice as thought of helpless little Gracie back in the pen. “How can you condone such hateful crimes against helpless children?! Would you like it if we did the same thing to your children? And believe me, there those of us who most certainly feel like it would be justice.”

“But not you, hm? You don’t think that’s the way to go about it, do you?” Davenport steepled his fingers on the tabletop as he stared the little creature down. “What do you think would have been a good course of action, then?”

“Heck if I know, but I know that killing innocent faeries, especially children, isn’t right.” Felix folded his arms then. He wasn’t going to say anymore on the subject if Davenport wasn’t going to at least be willing to be open-minded.

“You know. They killed two of my daughter’s faeries. Right in front of her. I knew about it…. and did nothing. She hates me.”

“And she should. Anyone that would allow such cruelty doesn’t deserve to be respected or loved.” Felix spat then. “It soundsd to me like you’ve got some twisted priorities.”

“H-how dare you! I need this job, pixie.” Davenport’s face was red now with rage. “Our house was going to get foreclosed on! This job saved us! So a couple of faeries are killed. At least my daughter will have a place to rest her head at night. I can live with that.”

“Then you’re not truly human.” Felix told him. He did feel sorry for the plight that Davenport and his family had been in, but it didn’t excuse the extinguishing of innocent faeries everywhere. “I’m sure others, the ones who oppose the Extermination have found ways around working jobs such as this. With a young daughter, you should have been thinking about it too.” Felix turned then, and began to head back to the pen. He didn’t want to leave Gracie there too long. She would worry.

“I can’t get out of it now. Even if I wanted to, Felix.” It was the first time Davenport had ever called the young faerie by his name. “They make you sign a contract, stating you’ll remain active until the Extinguishig is done. And they don’t just mean the States.” He took Felix carefully back to his pen, and set him in it. “You’re one brave faerie boy, Felix Lightfeather. I’ll be sorry to see you go.”

Feedback for this assignment from classmates Beth and Rick, and my instuctor.

From Beth:

I can see Davenport and Felix as characters I think the bit about Davenport’s conflict is good. One thing I wondered about is this. You mention Grace and Gracie which I realize is the same person. But then you refer to Tracie. Is Tracie another name for Gracie? Maybe everyone knows that? I am interested to know why the humans want to destroy the faeries? I can think of a couple of reasons. Interesting story.

From Rick:

I really enjoy your writing. Your character are well drawn, and you made your antagonist likeable. The exchange between Felix and Davenport is quite revealing about their motives and their feelings. I think this is well written.

I do have one question (there is always a question!). You mention that Felix’s parents are dead, but in the third paragraph, you mention Felix helping his mother with Gracie. You might want to clarify that.

From John DeChancie (Instructor):

Very well worked out world of fairy and human, with conflict between the two. Some Nazi-like government is trying out the faeries, and this of course makes the central situation of the novel more than dramatic enough. You have knack for drawing real characters, even when they are supernatural in nature.

I am wondering when magic will come into the fore. Faeries have magic, and this seems to be the obvious way to salvation for the faerie folk. Maybe you can let us in on how magic will be employed to save the day. Or are these faeries only able to work beneficial magic, and not the defensive magic they need? I can’t wait to find out.

The dialogue is especially fraught with conflict. The concentration camp guard here is probably no different from other examples of his ilk; willing to justify immoral actions with pleas that he had no other choice but to follow orders.

New Moon Movie News, and some other stuff

Posted in Books, My Self, New Moon Movie News, Original Fiction on June 2, 2009 by teamjalice1863

For those of you who don’t know, the New Moon trailer premiered on Sunday night at the MTV Movie awards, and on MySpace’s Trailer park. Not to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. (who hasn’t?!) But OMG. It looks like it’s going to truly amazing! Jasper, and the entire cast feel more polished, and everyone appears to have gotten a bit of a design overhaul.

Bad news? Carter Burwell, who scored the first movie, will not be working on the second installment. This makes me very sad. *sniff* I rather liked his score, while no one else appeared to, it feels like.

Now for the big one: Today, according to my girls at T20s is National Twilight Day! Four years ago today, Stephenie first saw Edward and Bella in a dream, began to create this wonderful saga. So, today, I am planning to work on writing (in the spirit of Stephenie Meyer, who I am sure is working really hard to bring us more awesome stories!) and at some point today, the Twilight DVD will be in my DVD player to honor her work.

The weather here in Spencer is participating. It’s rainy. I guess it’s trying to show Forks, WA up. Who knows. Well, gonna get started on my Pseudowrimo work. See you guys later!

Short Story Review: Bad Clown by D.C. Wilson

Posted in Books, My Self, Reviews, Story Reviews on May 30, 2009 by teamjalice1863

So after taking about a week or so off from Bad-Ass Faeries 2, I returned to the book in an effort to stop myself from reading more in City of Ashes before I had my hands on City of Glass. The first story I read today was “Bad Clown”.

Let me say this first and foremost. I was feeling a little apperhensive about this story because I already had a slight fear of clowns in lterature/movies. (Thank you, Stephen King.) But this turned out to be okay, actually. *sigh of relief* I mean, he wasn’t really a clown. He was a faerie of the unseelie. ┬áThat, I can deal with.

One of the things I liked is how, if you weren’t reading a book of faerie short stories, you wouldn’t have realized at first this was a faerie story. You could probably say taht about most of these, but this one really would’ve caught me off guard if I hadn’t known, and of course, I did. I was just waiting for the “faerie” connection.

The compassion the others showed for the mundane child Amy was really heartwarming. I love children in stories, and I am always wary about having one involved in darker tales, but this was handled very nicely. Great work.

Now I’m off to read Whiskey Sour.

Progress at Last!

Posted in My Self, Original Fiction, Short Stories on May 28, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Okay, guess what? I went from 6,699 words last night to 4,886. NOT BAD at all. Still need to get rid of a few more words though. *SIGH* I’m glad what I’m cutting out is making the story better though, more succinct. I put the original version in my binder already.

I can’t wait to see how my baby looks completely edited. I’m SO excited to see what it’s going to become.

Oh crap. What if they want me to cut stuff out of my novel?! (They being future publishers). I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that alone. And I’ll be blasted if I’m going to print out an original version of that. This novel has been everything to me.

and I KNOW it’s likely to happen. So. I’m just preparing myself. I’ll write it, and then let them decide. I’ll do what it takes to get my vampies on the shelves.

It’s WEEK 2 of my Workshop. This week, we’re focusing on World Building. Oh Joy. LOL. No, really, this is the panel I missed at ConBust due to overbooking. But now I have it. So I’ll be taking it slowly, and trying to get it all ingrained into my head. LOL.

I have a 500-word assignment due by next Thursday. Won’t wait that long, since he has all these other assignments.

Great Day Yesterday!

Posted in Fanfiction, My Self, Original Fiction on May 25, 2009 by teamjalice1863

So, yesterday was a really decent day. I didn’t get a lot of writing done, but I got SOME reading done. We had a party to go to for Paul Gaden and his grandson, Adam. Hehe. The cake was delicious. And Paul Coleman kept the wine coolers coming. I only had one though, because I had a Zyrtec in my system. stupid Zyrtec.

We got home in time for #writechat on Twitter! It was my first session, but I got some valuable advice, and got some comfort in finding out that a lot of published authors still write fanfiction, so I don’t have to give it up entirely, but I still might trim it back some after I finish this final fic in the Amy saga. (You know, that was NEVER supposed to be a trilogy. Go figure!)

I may never post the Embry fic, even if I want to. Because I’m not sure about it. I took a LOT of liberties with it. But I have alot of readers on my Twifanfics. They may be receptive to it.

I sent my OTHER urban fantasy fic dealing with demons and demon hunters to one of the ladies at #writechat. I’ll get it back in a couple of days. There was just something that was bugging me.

So today is Memorial Day. I don’t know what we’re doing, but supposedly it’ll be fun! In the meantime, working on my fan fics (guilt free now. Thank you, PennyAsh@Twitter) and some of my original work, mainly my novel.

I got some classmate feedback. While my instructor didn’t like the windpower idea, my classmate Frank did. Beth was more interested in the government fic that is nagging at me. I should probably start writing that one. Maybe. We’ll see what Session 2 offers. Government conspiracies are new to me. Don’t know why I was able to come up with that. It’s random for me.

OH! And one more not so big thing. My friend Zach from Facebook helped me design forums for Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. ^^ They’re coming along nicely.

Weekly Writing: May 24, 2009

Posted in Books, Fanfiction, My Self, Original Fiction, Random Entries, Short Stories on May 24, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I got this idea from Holly Black. While I’m not publish yet, these are things that I am hoping to get published in some shape or form!

Original work:

Sent off my possible submission to a friend for reviewing. I’m new to the Urban fantasy genre, as far as writing it full on, so I’m hoping it wasn’t a really bad try. *nervous nelly here* The story is title, “The IntraCity Double Dutch Dare”. I am considering writing another story set in that realm, because I loved writing for Trixie, Sol and Lottie Beth so much.

I am also working on a story about a demon hunter who has been charged with killing a pair of siblings. One an exiled demon who’s using his magic without realizing, and the other is demon hybrid fourteen-year-old that has been adopted to scientists humans, and their genius son, who spends his time trying to keep her secret. There is no title for this story yet. (and I don’t know if I should classify it as Fantasy or Science Fiction either. Fail)

Still working, slowly, on Ch. 8 of Protected One. I can’t discuss it much because it’s unpublished.

Fanfiction work:

Okay, brace yourself. There’s a lot!

The third Amy fic is coming along slowly. I have some epic stuff planned. I need a title for it.

“Matters of the Heart” Ch. 6 is finished, and it should be up in the near future.

I have begun to plot out the sequel to that fic, and the sequel to Lost and Found. Though I do not have a planned release for either, due to the fact I want to get my own fics worked on.

My final Twilight fic (theoretically) is for Embry, and I am hoping to be able to post that one very soon.

Ahem. Thanks to Cassandra Clare, I am now considering working on a Mortal Instruments fanfic. How cool that she’s come full circle. She started out as a Fanfic writer, and now people are writing fanfics about HER work. This fic deals with Simon, and it would definitely be AU! because of the content. I’ll give you a hint. Simon’s babysitting job turns into a race to save his charge from Valentine recruiting her, before the Shadowhunters can properly train her.