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Music Review: Muse:The Resistance

Posted in Music, Music Reviews, Reviews on September 22, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I’ve been very excited for months to get my hands on some new Muse material. I love this band with all my heart for making the Baseball scene in Twilight so memorable for me. That’s what I love most.

My first Muse encounter was a AMV with Jack and Chase, I think. Lexi can verify. Then I heard Supermassive Black Hole on the Twilight Soundtrack. I love the song to begin with, but when I heard where it was placed in the movie later that month, I Flipped. It was freakin’ perfect. From then on, I was completely hooked.

So. This new CD is a little different from their regular material. It has more of a pop sound to it than most of their rock. There’s even a bit of classical music involved.

My favorite song on the CD thus far is “Uprising”, the first track, and in close second is “I Belong To You”,which is also to be featured on the New Moon soundtrack.

The only complaint I may have is that the CD plays really fast, so it feels like no time has even gone by, which you know is untrue. If you’re new to Muse, this may not be a good starter CD for you,unless you like classical music.


Music Review: The Jonas Brothers: Lines, Vines and Trying Times

Posted in Music, Music Reviews on June 27, 2009 by teamjalice1863

This is the third Jonas Brothers CD I have bought. I love this CD so far. There are a few flaws, such as the rap/rock song included on the CD, but that doesn’t make the CD completely un-enjoyable.

My favorite tracks on this CD are “Fly With Me” and “Poison Ivy” . Nick’s voice sound a little different now, and I’m guessing that means his voice is maturing. That’s good. I remember when Taylor Hanson’s voice did that. He ended up sounding sexier. Nick is heading in the at same boat. I just hope they handle it right.

One thing I love about this CD is that for the first time on the studio CD, we can hear Kevin. I knew he was always there, but you could barely hear him on top of Joe and Nick. Here it appears they have let him shine. Thank you boys!

I think they have come a long way from Year 3000 and it shows. I am very proud to be a fan of The Jonas Brothers. Keep rocking you guys!

CD Review:Old School Abbey, “Only a Dream”

Posted in Music, Music Reviews with tags , on March 19, 2009 by teamjalice1863

This is OSA’s sophmore CD, and true to that title, it has proven to be a cut above their first CD. It’s much more polished, and completely eclectic in sound.

I am fortunate to be the stepsister (a formal title, actually, since he refers to me as his sister) of Nick Durm, who shares lead vocals and the majority of the writing credits with Matt Mullins. Having this luck, I had gotten some early tracks, and was really really impressed. I am not saying this just because I am related to one of the lead singers. No no no. I am very into music, and I am very picky. If I didn’t like it, trust me I would not buy it.

However, “Only a Dream” has proven once again that my brother and his bandmates are serious artists. My favorite track on the CD, “Protect You”, has a very Dave Matthews, The Fray, Simple Plan kind of sound to it in my opinion, and I think if they released that as a single, it would get a lot of airplay. On the flip side, they have the very fun and infectious “Perry Como”, which I had first heard live.

Probably the surprise track of the bunch is “Lose Control”. That song have a very… swing, 20s type sound to it, that just endears it to me. It was something I was not expecting, but it totally was, considering we’re talking about Old School Abbey, and they are always full of surprises! I am hoping to be able to hear the boys play again really soon. I am looking forward to singing along with new tracks, and I garuntee, this will not be the last we’ve heard of OSA.

Improv: Jackson and Ben G. (we think!)

Posted in Music with tags , , on March 16, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(This is a bonus on the 100Monkeys CD, Monster De Lux. I cannot stop cracking up over the lyrics. Still not sure if it’s confirmed to be Ben G. or not, but I KNOW Jackson’s behind this somehow. XD. Lyrics belong to the 100Monkeys, and they maintain all rights)

Walking around, promenade, seems that everyone here has got
smallest sense of accomplishment
god knows why
it makes me sad it makes me want to cry
We’re going hoooooome!

i’m gonna pay the parking lady
we don’t need to pay cause we were here for only an hour
we were only here for an hour
so our parking was free

Lady; “how are you?”
Guy; “Good, how are you doing?”
our parking was free
cause we were here for an hour

*it’s 3 dollars*

three dollars it wasn’t free parking costs three bucks today
3 bucks to park chahahcha

yeah yeah, yeah

Lady: I hope you’re not a professional musician!

Ben: I hope you’re not professional make people feel gooder! Jesus Christ, Lady!

A Grand Announcement for all Jackson Rathbone/100Monkeys Fangirls

Posted in Music with tags , , , on March 12, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Okay, so technically, I probably should’ve posted this last night. But I was tied up with reading for a friend of mine, and Rping with another friend. And also trying to put my friend Hyperion-kun in a better mood. (I failed there, I feel.)

Anyway! Randomly at 10:30pm, I went on MySpace, and found that my beloved 100Monkeys had FINALLY released their CD! Oh god, I was SO happy. Any seriously, I probably would’ve had to wait, if my credit card hadn’t been so kind. But I have it! EEE!!


My second impression of the CD: ROBOT TIMBERWOLVES WITHOUT MYSPACE! WAI!!!

My third impression: WOW! These guys are SO different, yet I can’t get enough.

I want people to know, just because I found out about them because of Jackson Rathbone, it doesn’t mean he’s the only thing good about them. they’re SO awesome! He’s got an amazing voice. There’s nothing bad about it. By the way, for those little wars that are going “Jackson vs. Robert”? Knock it off. I think they’re both equally talented. and, I will admit (not being biased here at all!) that Jackson’s voice is a little easier to listen to. I am hoping something of Jackson’s will end up on New Moon soundtrack. That would shut a lot of people up.

Anyway, that’s my squeeing for the day. Enjoy! ^___^

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