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Sunday Writing Update: June 7, 2009

Posted in Books, Chaptered Works, Fanfiction, Original Fiction on June 7, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Wow. What a week I’ve experienced. I’ve gotten a lot of work done on many many projects at once. This is what is currently being worked on, and what will be posted in the near future:

1. part 2 of Chapter 2 of City Faeries: Flight to Freedom

2. Chapter Six of Matters of the Heart my Jane and Alec fanfic will be posted this week. Whoohoo!

3. Another chapter of A Home for Life is due to come out . (Fanfic again. Twilight Fanfic)

4. The first chapter of my Mortal Instruments fanfic will be up at the end of this coming week.

5. Chapter 9 of my novel Protected One shall be finished soon. Working slowly on it, so I don’t lose the essence of Nickie and Jordan.

On the reading front, I finally started the third book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. City of Glass is promising to be as good as the previous 2.

Special thanks to my #pseudowrimo, #writechat, and #writingmuses people who continually keep me motivated to bring out the best writing I can!


Today’s Schedule

Posted in Books, Fanfiction, Original Fiction, The Mortal Instruments on May 26, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Today is going to be busy for me, and I will be out of the house for most of it. Going to spend time in Ithaca/Cortland.

Going to the final day of the Book sale first. ^^ We fill up an entire bag and the whole thing is 1.00. Isn’t that awesome?! I’m going to try and get some more classic Science Fiction/Fantasy, and read it. Being in this class has really opened my eyes to what a wonderful genre I really am into.

Then we’re going to Cortland. Well, me and Kathy are. She has some meetings with students she needs to tend to. I’ll be working on the The Institute forums for most of that time, if I’m not working on anything else. I want to get a couple more forums up. Things that people gave me an idea for.

I’ll probably begin outlining my Mortal Instruments fanfic series. I have a great idea. But I won’t begin writing it officially, except for in blurbs, until after I’ve finished City of Glass. Again, I am finding the irony in this, because of Cassandra Clare having started out in Fanfic, and now people are writing fanfic about her writings. That must be really surreal for her.

Not sure what we’re doing after that. Hoping to go to Ithaca again, because I want to get a notebook to write out these various original ideas I keep getting, so I don’t feel the intense need to work on every single idea that’s going to come along now that I’ve opened the flood gates of my originality again. Not that EVERYTHING I’ll come up with will be original. I don’t need to have over-creativity going on while I’m trying to work on two main projects. One of them being my novel, and the other being (for the moment) the demon/demon hunter saga. I’m not afraid to admit that I got inspired for that fic by City of Bones. I added some of my own elements, and I, appropriately, have a character named after my favorite character in the series. ONE of them, I should say. Now that people know I am known to like more than one character.

Speaking of characters. Amy reminds me of Clary, because she’s incredibly strong for what she’s gone through. Angry at her friends, yes, but strong nonethless.

Great Day Yesterday!

Posted in Fanfiction, My Self, Original Fiction on May 25, 2009 by teamjalice1863

So, yesterday was a really decent day. I didn’t get a lot of writing done, but I got SOME reading done. We had a party to go to for Paul Gaden and his grandson, Adam. Hehe. The cake was delicious. And Paul Coleman kept the wine coolers coming. I only had one though, because I had a Zyrtec in my system. stupid Zyrtec.

We got home in time for #writechat on Twitter! It was my first session, but I got some valuable advice, and got some comfort in finding out that a lot of published authors still write fanfiction, so I don’t have to give it up entirely, but I still might trim it back some after I finish this final fic in the Amy saga. (You know, that was NEVER supposed to be a trilogy. Go figure!)

I may never post the Embry fic, even if I want to. Because I’m not sure about it. I took a LOT of liberties with it. But I have alot of readers on my Twifanfics. They may be receptive to it.

I sent my OTHER urban fantasy fic dealing with demons and demon hunters to one of the ladies at #writechat. I’ll get it back in a couple of days. There was just something that was bugging me.

So today is Memorial Day. I don’t know what we’re doing, but supposedly it’ll be fun! In the meantime, working on my fan fics (guilt free now. Thank you, PennyAsh@Twitter) and some of my original work, mainly my novel.

I got some classmate feedback. While my instructor didn’t like the windpower idea, my classmate Frank did. Beth was more interested in the government fic that is nagging at me. I should probably start writing that one. Maybe. We’ll see what Session 2 offers. Government conspiracies are new to me. Don’t know why I was able to come up with that. It’s random for me.

OH! And one more not so big thing. My friend Zach from Facebook helped me design forums for Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. ^^ They’re coming along nicely.

Weekly Writing: May 24, 2009

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I got this idea from Holly Black. While I’m not publish yet, these are things that I am hoping to get published in some shape or form!

Original work:

Sent off my possible submission to a friend for reviewing. I’m new to the Urban fantasy genre, as far as writing it full on, so I’m hoping it wasn’t a really bad try. *nervous nelly here* The story is title, “The IntraCity Double Dutch Dare”. I am considering writing another story set in that realm, because I loved writing for Trixie, Sol and Lottie Beth so much.

I am also working on a story about a demon hunter who has been charged with killing a pair of siblings. One an exiled demon who’s using his magic without realizing, and the other is demon hybrid fourteen-year-old that has been adopted to scientists humans, and their genius son, who spends his time trying to keep her secret. There is no title for this story yet. (and I don’t know if I should classify it as Fantasy or Science Fiction either. Fail)

Still working, slowly, on Ch. 8 of Protected One. I can’t discuss it much because it’s unpublished.

Fanfiction work:

Okay, brace yourself. There’s a lot!

The third Amy fic is coming along slowly. I have some epic stuff planned. I need a title for it.

“Matters of the Heart” Ch. 6 is finished, and it should be up in the near future.

I have begun to plot out the sequel to that fic, and the sequel to Lost and Found. Though I do not have a planned release for either, due to the fact I want to get my own fics worked on.

My final Twilight fic (theoretically) is for Embry, and I am hoping to be able to post that one very soon.

Ahem. Thanks to Cassandra Clare, I am now considering working on a Mortal Instruments fanfic. How cool that she’s come full circle. She started out as a Fanfic writer, and now people are writing fanfics about HER work. This fic deals with Simon, and it would definitely be AU! because of the content. I’ll give you a hint. Simon’s babysitting job turns into a race to save his charge from Valentine recruiting her, before the Shadowhunters can properly train her.

The frustration of a writer who wants to be taken seriously as a writer

Posted in Fanfiction, Original Fiction, Rants, Short Stories, Strauss Vampire Novel on May 19, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t be taken seriously as a writer until I pull myself away from fanfiction, and start listening to all the characters that are in my head for my original fiction. That makes me sad. I wonder if Cassandra Clare, Stephenie Meyer or Holly Black would understand how this feels. I’m fairly certain Cassandra would, because, like me, She started out as a fan fiction writer. I do take my fan fiction very seriously, as well as my novel writing.

What makes me even question my seriousness is the fact that yesterday, I got NOTHING written on my short story for the submission. This is not a fan fiction this submission. This submission could open a lot of doors for me! Yet, I’ve done nothing on it for several days now. *shakes head*I’m going to have to really buckle down tomorrow. I say tomorrow because today’s Gene’s b-day, and unless I take my laptop, I won’t really get the chance to work on anything. Then again… since it’s NOT fan fiction, I’m pretty sure people wound understand if I did.

So, until I can pull myself away completely from fan fiction or get published, I won’t be able to take myself seriously. What this means, is I really need to take some time out for my own writing, and get away from the fan fiction. Maybe update one fan fic a week. But spend more time with my own characters. I think that might be the issue here. I think my original muses are angry with me.

Last post before beddy bye!

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Okay. So. Tonight has been interesting, and amazing, and wow. I’ve got amazing friends at T20s! I really do. Tonight, I must spotlight my friend Dani aka Jacksper. She made me a signature for my account at T20s, because she claimed I should’ve had one by now! LOL. So. What was in that signature? Well, I’ll show you!!

Alec,New Moon
Dakota Fanning Manip as Jane

Dani didn’t do the manips on these, but she found a way, on the forum to side by side them. I had the Jane picture, but had NO clue there was an Alec one! *hugs Alec* Man does Cam look terrifying there! I’m SO looking forward to this movie! Bring on the Volturi!

I did a lot of writing today. Worked more on Ch. 6 of Matters of the Heart, worked a LOT on my novel (then had to stop because LUKE decided he needed me to write a scene for him and Dustin, which I will). I even toyed a bit with the third Amy fic. I need a title for it!!

Broad Universe and New Idea

Posted in Fanfiction, Original Fiction, Random Entries, Twilight on May 5, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I was thinking about this as soon as I got up this morning. What if I wanted to publish a short story to start with? A short story being published is just as good as getting a novel published. It gets one’s name out there. And that’s what I really want. I want my name to be known in the writing world. The money is also nice, but I just really want to share my love of writing, and creating with the world.

In the spirit of that thinking, I finally joined Broad Universe. As Danielle mentioned on another one of my blogs, Broad Universe supports female writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy. That’s me. And several other authors that I could name that I just love. So I had just cause to join. I would support my fellow writers of the genre anyway I could possibly manage to. That’s another reason why I write the reviews for the books I read. I want as many people to experience the talent of the writers that have inspired me, and changed my view on what is acceptable in fantasy, and what isn’t. And let me tell you! There are quite a few authors that have done in that in just the last couple of months!

See, I want to be that for someone else. That’s my hope. I have story. A few weeks ago, I got a review from a reader on one of my Twilight stories. The review stated that I had helped her cope with the loss of her mother. Now, the story itself had nothing much to do with dieath, but it must’ve helped, or she wouldn’t have said that. I talked to the young lady shortly after, and it turns out that my fanfiction has been a coping mechanism for her. Wow. That sounds familiar. My authors that I read are OFTEN coping mechanisms for me. See, if I can do that with fanfiction, I want to be able to do that with my original work too!

So. that’s my new goal in life. To get published in some shape or form. I just hope I have the patience to do it!