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Nightmare: Protectors that Weren’t Protectors

Posted in Dreams, Nightmares, Twilight Dreams, Uncategorized on May 20, 2010 by teamjalice1863

Okay, I’ve had some pretty weird dreams in the past, but last night’s left “weird” and went straight to nightmarish!

It started out kind of nice. I was at a dance with Lexi, and some other people that I didn’t know. Marcia was there. Apparently, we all lived in this apartment complex across from the Dance hall. The dance ended, and Marcia and I were walking her home.

Or maybe it wasn’t an apartment complex. Maybe we were living in a hotel, because half-way there, we come across a fancy swimming pool. I had thing device that was apparently like a PSP, but wasn’t. It fell in the swimming pool, so Marcia went to get it for me.

While I was walking the edge of it, Sam Uley, and Paul come up to me. Now, I think this is pretty cool at first, until I realize that they’re not being nice. They’re preying on me. Somehow, I end up in the pool. I think Paul pushes me in.

Now, I’m screaming, and freaking out because I’m in a cocktail dress, and it’s weighing me down. Embry comes up from behind me, and pulls me up so that I’m not drowning and what not.But that’s where the friendliness ends.

Paul comes up nearby, and Embry pretty much just hands me over, like he’s making a delivery. Paul starts making all kinds of sexual advances that I really don’t want. I try to stop him, but he gets a bit more violent. I mean, we’re talking about the wolf pack here. Before I know what’s happening, I’m backed against the wall of the pool, completely caged in.

I also remember EMbry and Jared forcing me to be still. I think that’s what frightened me most. After a while, they all seemed to look the same. Sam, and Jacob? They sort of disappeared. I Didn’t see them after that. Actually, I never even saw Jacob. Somehow, I did manage to get pulled out of the pool. I think it was Seth or Leah that did it. I honestly don’t remember.

While Paul never actually molested or raped me….-shudders- I think I woke up crying twice. I mean, it was bad, you guys. I haven’t had a dream like that…ever. I’ve never dreamed about Paul or any of the wolves, whom I see as my personal protectors, hurting me.


A Poem: Dreaming of the Wolves

Posted in Dreams, FanPoems, Poetry, Twilight Dreams on May 14, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(This poem is a re-telling of my most vivid dream of the wolf packs yet.)

Mainly because I’m bored, and wanted to do something random for a change.

Laying here
Night after Night
Oh lonely is the dark

Absence of light
a parallel
To what I don’t have

It’s then I wander
to places I feel safest
Fictional be damned

They’ll understand me
Won’t ask me questions of why
Just listen, as good friends would

Going for a run,
though they’re clearly
faster than I

wolves everywhere
Yet I don’t fear them
For they are my friends

On the beach now
Embry and Seth
Jake and Sam

Bring with them
fun and games
Along with good talks

Light pours in
tearing me away
From a full night.

A busy dream!

Baseball Scene in my Dream (Twilight)

Posted in Dreams, Twilight Dreams on April 4, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Hey guys! For those of you who don’t know, I will be on vacation starting 1pm today until sometime on April 19th. Please be advised I probably won’t update much, but will try and check Friends page once a day for good stuff from you guys. I will have access to the internet due to my class starting on Monday, so that’s probably when I’ll start. See you guys when I get home!

On an unrelated note. As much I love the baseball scene, I was unprepared for the dream I had last night where I was on the set of the baseball scene in the Twilight movie. The cast was practicing, and then shooting the scene, and I was too close or something, and I got hit in the head with the prop ball. Heh… Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the movie, took care of it as if he was a real doctor, and then Jackson (who obviously plays Jasper, but you guys Should know this by now!) felt so bad for his hit hitting me in the head, he pulled out his guitar Annabelle, and serenaded me with a song from the 100Monkeys CD.

What was so funny about this, is that in a weird way, they were still in character. Peter playing the concerned father/doctor character, and Jackson playing the comforting one. So totally Jasper! It’s been a long time since my Cullens have been in my dreams. Most of my dreams of late have been about the Quileutes.

And I find it very rate that I dream about them being on the set. I very rarely dream about the cast. Heh.

Oh, and before I go, let me also add that Elizabeth Reaser, who plays Esme took me as far off the set as she could without me missing anything. Hehe. Typical Esme.

Team Clearwater in my Dream!!

Posted in Dreams, Twilight Dreams on January 25, 2009 by teamjalice1863

So, I don’t remember al lthe sdetails, but Seth and Leah Clearwater both werei n my dream last night. We were all on First Beach and kinda just hanging out. Kind cool, right? Well, Sam showed up. Grr!! He was having an argument with about Jacob. Don’t ask the reason. Don’t remember. But it’s just like him to ruin a perfectly good moment with my Clearwaters!!

The VERY FIRST Twilight dream I had….(November 23, 2008)

Posted in Twilight Dreams on January 21, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(This was my first official Twilight dream that I ever had. It kinda…set the trend.)

The dream was so vivid, I felt him pulling me along with a towel across the glossy hotel pool floor. Don’t ask. I think we were having some kind of game. And i even remember saying “You pull like a human, Jazz!” After which he pulled me faster. It was exhilerating. I felt so liberated. Now, let me make it clear that I have NO idea if I was human or vampire in this dream, because well, it was never made clear, except for the fact that Emmett, who made a brief appearance of promnence, brought me a fruit salad.

Then there was this brief scene with a restaurant. Jasper and I were supposed to meet his family there, and the waiter misunderstood. Jasper and I Started to order by ourselves when Carlisle came and got us.

I think every member of the Cullen Family had a cameo prominent appearance except Rosalie and Edward. They were noticably absent from this dream. Probably because as much as I love Edward, he is not my favorite, and we know how I feel about Rose. She has grown on me quite a bit from Twilight, but not enough to make a dream.

How can I say I was with the Cullen-Hales if it was mostly me and Jasper? WEll, because Carlisle was there, as was Esme, and the others. They were pretty much just supporting characters in this dream. Alice made a few appearances to show me this dress or that dress that she wanted me to wear to some formal dinner, which never came up because I got woken up (*coughMurphycough*).

But I’ve never been so reluctant to wake up, and leave Jasper behind as I was this morning. IF that makes me loony,or immature, oh well. I rather liked the fact that my current muses were keeping me active in my sleep. Maybe next time we go to Elmira, I’ll brave the escalator. Maybe that was Jasper’s way of saying to go for it.

Oh, an before I forget, Jacob DID have an appearance in the dream. He was in his wolf form, so I Didn’t approach, but I got the distinct impression he was keeping an eye on Jasper.

The Dream that led to “Lost and Found” (December 15, 2008)

Posted in Nightmares, Twilight Dreams on January 21, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(This dream occurred back on the night of December 15, 2008. I figured if I’m going to have all of my dreams here, it has a right to be here as well! )

Chaos had been everywhere. Now, I stand alone, facing the one that had instigated it all. I kno him. I have seen him many times.

He took a step towards me, it was more like he wanted me to come to him. He spoke. “Make it easier on yourself, ma’m. Just give in.”

I shake my head. I can’t picture him saying such words. “You don’t want this.” I tell him, edging back against the dead end wall.

“It’s over.” He says now. I can see he has grown as hesitant as I have become fearful. My heart rate has accelerated. He has noticed. I feel an unnatural sense of calm wash over me as he steps forward again. I can’t go anywhere. I study his face. “Please…”

He’s got me trapped between himself, and the wall I had backed into. His grip is like a vice. “I can feel that you’re afraid. Believe me, death is kinder.” His grip tightened.

I struggle uselessly. This was it. I was going to die. I close my eyes, as if somehow doing so wil forbid the inevitable. Then, I feel nothing at all. Jasper Whitlock had gotten to me.

Eclipse Dream 2: More Detailed

Posted in Twilight Dreams on January 21, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Same as the first one, but this one had more detail…here are some of the differences.

-Read lines with Jackson in a REAL audition.
-Practiced a scene
-Talked with Jackson, Ashley and Kellan about the Twilight books.
-Gave Ashley a big hug for bringing Alice to life so well.
-Shot the scene

and it ended like the first, with Jackson (as Jasper) about to bite my character. Oh, and a notable detail. I had on a Jasper x Alice shirt! I hope that’s another precog thing!