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At the Pandemonium….-A Dream

Posted in Dreams, The Mortal Instruments on May 31, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(First, I have to say, I’ve been trying this experiment for a couple of days now. I’ve been working on getting Alec and Isabelle Lightwood back in my dream. Jace and Clary come way to easily, as do several other unbidden characters. *cough*Cameron*cough*)

Dream Goal: Get to the Institute speak to Alec or Isabelle.

Presleep: Alec Lightwood

Dream: I did it! In my dream Alec and Isabelle both turned up at a club where I was hosting a party. The were tracking a demon. Oddly, Jace was nowhere to be found. Isabelle ended up saving my hide when their target got a little too pissed off.

Meaning: I don’t know if I’m right but maybe this dream means something is going to keep me from soemthing else, and Alec and Isabelle changed the situation to be in my favor.

Waking Feeling: Alert! And oddly wanting spagehtti. Damn you, Isabelle….


Today’s Schedule

Posted in Books, Fanfiction, Original Fiction, The Mortal Instruments on May 26, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Today is going to be busy for me, and I will be out of the house for most of it. Going to spend time in Ithaca/Cortland.

Going to the final day of the Book sale first. ^^ We fill up an entire bag and the whole thing is 1.00. Isn’t that awesome?! I’m going to try and get some more classic Science Fiction/Fantasy, and read it. Being in this class has really opened my eyes to what a wonderful genre I really am into.

Then we’re going to Cortland. Well, me and Kathy are. She has some meetings with students she needs to tend to. I’ll be working on the The Institute forums for most of that time, if I’m not working on anything else. I want to get a couple more forums up. Things that people gave me an idea for.

I’ll probably begin outlining my Mortal Instruments fanfic series. I have a great idea. But I won’t begin writing it officially, except for in blurbs, until after I’ve finished City of Glass. Again, I am finding the irony in this, because of Cassandra Clare having started out in Fanfic, and now people are writing fanfic about her writings. That must be really surreal for her.

Not sure what we’re doing after that. Hoping to go to Ithaca again, because I want to get a notebook to write out these various original ideas I keep getting, so I don’t feel the intense need to work on every single idea that’s going to come along now that I’ve opened the flood gates of my originality again. Not that EVERYTHING I’ll come up with will be original. I don’t need to have over-creativity going on while I’m trying to work on two main projects. One of them being my novel, and the other being (for the moment) the demon/demon hunter saga. I’m not afraid to admit that I got inspired for that fic by City of Bones. I added some of my own elements, and I, appropriately, have a character named after my favorite character in the series. ONE of them, I should say. Now that people know I am known to like more than one character.

Speaking of characters. Amy reminds me of Clary, because she’s incredibly strong for what she’s gone through. Angry at her friends, yes, but strong nonethless.

Dream: Clary’s mother Jocelyn and Church, the Institute’s Cat

Posted in Dreams, The Mortal Instruments on May 23, 2009 by teamjalice1863

(Starting here, I will be writing these up in a real Dream journal format)

Pre-sleep thoughts: I have a LOT to do tomorrow. Now. Let me dream of Simon Lewis!

Dream: Clary’s mother Jocelyn appeared looking terrified. She wanted my help but I couldn’t figure out why. Church, the cat, crossed my path a few times.

Possible meanings: Clary’s mother could reppresent someone else needing my help in the future. We have nine cats in this house, so that on cat, fictional or other wise, turning up in my dreams doesn’t surprise me.

Waking feelings: Alert and ready to assist anyone.

Comment:I must try to get Simon back in my dream. This is an ongoing experiment.

Fighting Demons-A Mortal Instruments Dream

Posted in Dreams, The Mortal Instruments on May 22, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Who: Lexi, myself, Lucian, Jace Wayland,Isabelle and Alec Lightwood.

What: Lexi and I have been abducted by some bad-ass demons, and I have summoned the Shadowhunters somehow. Alec erscues me and saves Jace from being sliced in two by the Ravener demons.

Isabelle and Lexi argue, but she lets Isabelle rescue her.

Lucian turns up in his truck, and rescues us all.

And it begins!!

Posted in Books, Dreams, The Mortal Instruments on May 21, 2009 by teamjalice1863

I had my first dream about Mortal Instruments last night. Eh. It wasn’t all that pleasant, aside from Simon and Jace being there. Valentine was there too. *SCOWL* WHY do the bad guys like to be in my dream? Couldn’t they just let me have Jace and be done with it? That’d have been nice!

Anyway, so we were in the Hall of the Accords, and I was trying to explain to Jace what *I* knew about Nephelim. Of course, the arrogant jerk didn’t want to hear it, but Simon was all ears. So, Valentine shows up, demanding *I* give him the Mortal Cup. I don’t have this Mortal Cup, so screw him, right? Wrong! There was this all out battle. DOn’t remember the details.

Next thing I know? Simon and I are hauling ass in Lexi’s father’s car, which ends up being wrecked. Put it this way to you. I’d have rather dealt with Valentine than Guy over that car, so we fled on Jace’s motorcycle. (Which Alec Lightwood had waiting for us at the Institute.)

I woke up for about an hour around 6am after that. When I finally went back to sleep, I got to continue the dream, except I was being trained by Hodge and Lucian. Such a combination , those two, considering one is a traitor, and the other is a Downworlder. (*Gasp!* I’m using her lingo already!) Sounds like the birth of a new obsession to me, what do you think?