Nightmare: Protectors that Weren’t Protectors

Okay, I’ve had some pretty weird dreams in the past, but last night’s left “weird” and went straight to nightmarish!

It started out kind of nice. I was at a dance with Lexi, and some other people that I didn’t know. Marcia was there. Apparently, we all lived in this apartment complex across from the Dance hall. The dance ended, and Marcia and I were walking her home.

Or maybe it wasn’t an apartment complex. Maybe we were living in a hotel, because half-way there, we come across a fancy swimming pool. I had thing device that was apparently like a PSP, but wasn’t. It fell in the swimming pool, so Marcia went to get it for me.

While I was walking the edge of it, Sam Uley, and Paul come up to me. Now, I think this is pretty cool at first, until I realize that they’re not being nice. They’re preying on me. Somehow, I end up in the pool. I think Paul pushes me in.

Now, I’m screaming, and freaking out because I’m in a cocktail dress, and it’s weighing me down. Embry comes up from behind me, and pulls me up so that I’m not drowning and what not.But that’s where the friendliness ends.

Paul comes up nearby, and Embry pretty much just hands me over, like he’s making a delivery. Paul starts making all kinds of sexual advances that I really don’t want. I try to stop him, but he gets a bit more violent. I mean, we’re talking about the wolf pack here. Before I know what’s happening, I’m backed against the wall of the pool, completely caged in.

I also remember EMbry and Jared forcing me to be still. I think that’s what frightened me most. After a while, they all seemed to look the same. Sam, and Jacob? They sort of disappeared. I Didn’t see them after that. Actually, I never even saw Jacob. Somehow, I did manage to get pulled out of the pool. I think it was Seth or Leah that did it. I honestly don’t remember.

While Paul never actually molested or raped me….-shudders- I think I woke up crying twice. I mean, it was bad, you guys. I haven’t had a dream like that…ever. I’ve never dreamed about Paul or any of the wolves, whom I see as my personal protectors, hurting me.


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