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Stephenie Meyer Fans Can Rejoice!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 30, 2010 by teamjalice1863

Finally, after a long wait, we have something else to look forward to! Just before the film version of Twilight Saga:Eclipse is released, Twilight Fans can now read a side novella. This story is called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

According to Stephenie Meyer’s official website, the story was meant to be a part of the Twilight Saga:The Official Guide. However, it grew too long, so her editor suggested that she release it as a stand alone novel.

I think her fans will be very happy with that decision, as many of them are chomping at the bit to grasp more of both her writing, and the Twilight world.

In addition to a June 5, 2010 release to bookstores, this novella will be available on it’s own site starting June 7, 2010 till July 5th for free. The site is

Some are probably thinking that the book is going to come out as a way to promote the Eclipse movie. Do you know what I say to that? No way! Twilight has gotten so that it promotes itself! Trust me, if it says anything Twilight Saga, it IS going to sell.

For me, as someone who has found Stephenie Meyer to be an incredible inspiration for her deterimination to get published, and who has proven that a great story will sell, I am relieved that she has not disappeared from publication all together. And for the record? I would buy anything she writes. For me, it is not just Twilight Saga. It is everything Stephenie.

A press release from Little,Brown (Stephenie Meyer’s publisher) also talks about when we might hear more about the Twilight Saga Official Guide. This is good news for anyone who had thought the guide was never to be released!!


Book Review: Cat the Vamp

Posted in Book Reviews, Books, Reviews on March 20, 2010 by teamjalice1863

I just finished the book, Cat the Vamp by Christine Martine. This book was very unique, and presented a lot of firsts for me.

I finally got a chance to see what 3rd person Onipresent was. I hadn’t read a book in that point of view before. Martine does it in a way that is not as confusing as I imagined it to be.

I like the characters, and the relationships between all of them. Morgan and Cat are a hot pair! I think Amber and Zach make a great complimentary pair.

The vampire verse that Martine has created makes for an interesting twist. Instead of them being undead, they merely need the blood for extra life energy. That is a great twist, and one that I have not seen. I like how she kept them human while having this actual quirk.

She also presents the issue of addiction and overdose in a way that is intense, and not without consequence. Cat and Morgan’s descent into addiction is handled subtly, and with very little foreshadowing. The reader can FEEL it coming, but they are not told outright this is what is happening.

The only bad thing about this book is that you are left with wanting more. Which, in a way, is technically not a bad thing. It means that Martine has created a world that you want to be a part of over and over again. I would love to see her continue this story in another book or two.

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

Posted in Movie Reviews, Reviews on March 15, 2010 by teamjalice1863

I do not know why this movie is considered a flop. The movie has only been out for two weeks, and from what I understand, has not even been released world wide yet. That’s when we should worry! (Sorry, pent up frustration at the board at They are so horrible sometimes. Really need to stop going there.)

Anyway! Yes, so I finally got to see this, and I am really glad. The movie had more good points than bad for me. One of the best parts is the wide casting variety. The best cast came together for this one. But I have no right to expect anything less from Tim Burton, who has continuously surprised me, no matter how many of his movies I have seen.

It has a sort of Chronicles of Narnia feel at some points, but I don’t believe this is a bad thing. I actually really enjoy those kinds of feelings. Johnny Depp, per usual, gave an outstanding performance as the Mad Hatter. He made him a lot different from how I’ve always seen him, and so now he is easily my favorite character in the fandom. (WEll, second. Still love my Cheshire cat. Always have. Probably always will. 🙂 ) onh

Helena Bonham Carter was just brilliant as the Red Queen. I am a little offended by someone who thought the Red Queen was CGI. Clearly not! It was the make up job. That could have been done maybe a LITTLE better, but if it had been toned down, I don’t think it would have been nearly as effective as it was, so….I think she was supposed to look overkill. That was the Red Queen. She was always overkill in the books, from my understanding. So they were right on the money.

Now the surprise of the film was Alan Rickman. I spent a good portion of the film every time the caterpillar spoke saying, “why does he sound like Snape?!” He was the only one I didn’t know was in the movie, so I was kind of shocked to see his name in the credits. This didn’t come off to me as something he would be willing to do. He usually likes darker roles. But he definitely pulled it off.

Anne Hathaway makes a believeable if not odd White Queen. I rather liked her in this role. It was different for her from other things she’s done. Not quite so girly girl, if you know what I mean. This is coming from a big Anne Hathaway fan. (I’ve loved her since the Princes Diaries, and I have almost seen ever movie of hers since!)

The effects in this movie were great. I know alot of people felt they were lacking, but maybe it’s because it was a bit cartoony for them. However, this is Wonderland we’re talking about it. It’s all about being wacky and just having fun, and I believe they have pulled that off in a stunning matter. Maybe it’s not ‘Avatar’ quality, but for what they did, it was great. I am certain the effects would have been even more spectacular in 3D. I am hoping that we will see this movie in 3D on DVD when it comes out. However, we might as well have seen them in 3D without the glasses, because the effects were done so that it really was almost a 3D experience without the 3D.

Musically speaking, this movie was scored well. How could it not be? Danny Elfman, one of my three favorite composers did this movie. He has a knack for scoring a movie just right. He can never disappoint me with anything. (I would actually like to see him score one of the Twilight movies, but I’m guessing Summit doesn’t have the money to fund him. ;__;)

My only possible nitpick is that this movie seems to have borrowed from a book called The Looking Glass Wars. It is just a suspicion, mind you. I have not read the book, but I know enough about it to catch some similarities. It may actually have been unintentional, but I hope the author of LGW doesn’t see it, and decide to sue. Other than that, I am ready to give this film an 8 out of 10 for being very entertaining, well worth the money and wait to see it.