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Book Review: Winds of Fate by Mercedes Lackey

Posted in Book Reviews, Books, Reviews on December 30, 2009 by teamjalice1863

Being a fan of the original Heralds of Valdemar Trilogy, and the subsequent book, Take a Thief, I had high hopes for the series. It takes place years after the Queen’s Own series. That means that all of the characters I fell in love with while they were training were now older. Elspeth “the Brat” and Skif are the main two heralds.

Thee two are journeying to find two Adepts (Highly powerful mages) to help fight a war back in the Vale. This quest then turns into one to help Elspeth learn to harness her own mage gifts. She is a Hareld-Mage, it turns out.

There are a lot of interesting developments in this first of three books. For one…someone gets a mate. I don’t want to say who. Let’s just say, if you know me, and remember my talk of this character from my last round of Lackey reading, you will understand when I say, “I’m so sad!!” but not really. Happy for them too!

The book is well written. I think there are some points where this is a little bit too much description. But that could just be my opinion. Hmm. But as always, Lackey does not disappoint.

Edit: By the way, this is my last book of 2009. My goal was to read 25. I read 19. Better luck next year!