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New Haiku

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(Originally written on 9-13-2009)

Clouds darkening
Like my mood
Simplistic symbolism


TV Review: Glee Series Premiere

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Okay, so Glee is about to be on for the third week in a row. I am behind by two weeks, so I will apologize for that right now. I didn’t think about writing a review until a couple of days ago. So what I am going to do with this for now is start reviewing it as of this episode.

This entry is to talk about my overall feeling of the show. It reminds me a lot of the trend in TV right now based on High School/adolescent life. It is obvious geared towards that market.

It appeals to the High School Musical lover in me, and the musical lover in all of us. The two leads are undeniably sizzling on screen, though I could have done without the male being gorgeous. I am more interested in the bitchy cheerleading coach than anything else.

The underlying storyline between Will and his wife Terri is hot, and might appeal to the older crowd. Since we’re only 4 episodes in as of tonight’s airing at 9pm, it’s hard to judge just how successful this show is. The latest is that this show was picked up for a Full Season by Fox. For that to happen, the ratings had to be pretty high. Fox is picky as it is.

Book Review: Rising Sign by Jared R. Lopatin

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Okay! This book was really good, and well written. I wasn’t really expecting anything less. Jared’s blogs and Notes on Facebook demonstrated what a good writer he was. I also wasn’t expecting the amazing journey I was able to get swept up in!

That’s what Rising Sign is about. It’s about one young man’s journey to accepting his ultimate true Destiny. This is the first in a trilogy of books, and if the ending of this particular volume is any indication, the ride is JUST beginning.

What appealed to me in this book is what probably will appeal to anyone else who might read it. The Signs themselves. Tim might be the “charmer”, but I was quite taken by all of them, and I must say, I saw a little of myself in all of them. What was really entertaining for me, the story and World surrounding it was, was seeing how closely the author came to personifying The Signs. I swear, he came really close to personifying every Sign. I am really amused at my own Sign’s ability, but if I got into it, it’d be a spoiler. Sorry, guys.

I am eagerly hoping that Jared is working on the volume, because I definitely want more. My only regret is letting it sit around so long that I sort of forgot who was which sign for a while. I had to look it up! LOL. My favorite characters, in no particular order are Tim, Xander and Emily. I can really side with Emily, and I like Xander’s personality So much. Tim could be every body’s best friend, and it is right that he’s Libra, because my best best friend is also Libra, and his personally is DEFINITELY charming.

I suggest this book to anyone who’s looking for something different to read, or has ANY interest in astrology.

For more information on this book, or to order your own copy, go to

Music Review: Muse:The Resistance

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I’ve been very excited for months to get my hands on some new Muse material. I love this band with all my heart for making the Baseball scene in Twilight so memorable for me. That’s what I love most.

My first Muse encounter was a AMV with Jack and Chase, I think. Lexi can verify. Then I heard Supermassive Black Hole on the Twilight Soundtrack. I love the song to begin with, but when I heard where it was placed in the movie later that month, I Flipped. It was freakin’ perfect. From then on, I was completely hooked.

So. This new CD is a little different from their regular material. It has more of a pop sound to it than most of their rock. There’s even a bit of classical music involved.

My favorite song on the CD thus far is “Uprising”, the first track, and in close second is “I Belong To You”,which is also to be featured on the New Moon soundtrack.

The only complaint I may have is that the CD plays really fast, so it feels like no time has even gone by, which you know is untrue. If you’re new to Muse, this may not be a good starter CD for you,unless you like classical music.