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New Moon Movie News:The Wolf Pack cast

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Well, I have some good news, and some bad news, for those of us who have been keeping an eye on the Wolf Pack cast for New Moon. I guess I’ll give the good news first. The good news is that Gil Birmingham will more than likely be reprising his role as Billy Black. Thank Goodness!

The bad news starts now. I reported earlier that Solomon Trimble and Krys “Smokey Desperado” who had played Sam and Embry on in the Twilight movie had been replaced. Well, now we have the official cast. I have seen pictures, and I will link you here, but let me just tell you who’s playing who of the Quileute cast.

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black

Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley

Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara

Alex Meraz: Paul

Kiowa Gordan: Embry Call

Bronson Pelletier: Jared


Tinsel Korey: Emily Young

Now, I don’t know what these guys can do. They’re basically all unknown to me except for Taylor who of course had the role in Twilight. I am extremely disappointed that Solomon Trimble will not be returning to his role as Sam, because he really grew on me, and after seeing him behind the scenes, I really loved him. *sniffle* And there is the issue with Krys, who was really very funny. He didn’t have any lines on the beach, and that was sad. I hear people saying it doesn’t matter, since they had such small roles, but I think it does. I guess we’ll just have to see what these new people can do. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. you guys do the same!

ConBust: A Writer’s Dream Convention (Part Two Sunday)

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If I thought Friday and Saturday were informative… heh. Sunday was just as amazing!

Sunday morning started off really… bad. Sam hadn’t slept (again because of me. NOT my fault), so she was in a bad mood. I had woken up with a horrendous sinus headache at 7am, waking up to An American Tail on HBO. (Yeah, Sam sleeps with the TV on. >.> She kind of has to.) So. No, not a good start. And certainly, not in the best way of getting to a writing workshop.

But we did it. We got to the Workshop by 10:05, on account that we couldn’t find it. We spent an hour re-telling the story of “Puss in Boots”. Holly said she’d like to see the story we came up with actually written. I might try re-writing a fairy tale sometime. It would be awesome. But I don’t know.

The sad part about Sunday was that Lexi and I pretty much went our own separate ways. It saddened me, but it was understandable. She wanted to do her own thing.

The next panel I went to was also with Holly Black and Patricia Briggs. I worked with Patricia a lot. This panel dealt with bad book endings, or endings you weren’t happy with. It was there that I showed my dislike for the way my dear Stephenie Meyer ended Breaking Dawn. Now, I didn’t HATE the book, or even the ending, but I was a little disappointed.

My next to last panel was cancelled, to my disappointment. It was something I probably could have benefited from, so I spent some time downstairs with Holly, and her husband. Then I went to my final panel of the weekend, which dealt with Movie adaptations of movie. Oh wow. Did we have fun with those! I mean, I was really surprised no one touched Twilight. But I did say my peace about The Golden Compass, and a few others.

At some point, not sure WHEN I had a conversation with Theo and Holly Black about Twilight. The movie and the books. She disliked Jasper in the movie. I thought he was good for what he was given. I swear, I thought he really should’ve been given more, but I really love that movie so much.

So after the actual panel. (Sorry for going out of sequence!) We all did our bathroom thing, and left the Con. The very last thing that I did was give Holly a BIG hug and thank her SO much for being so awesome. I shook hands with Theo too. When I left Holly, I had tears in my eyes, because I truly did not want to leave the place where i felt I had learned so much, and grown as a writer. But I guess it’s good, because, just like being Faerieland in one of Holly’s books, if I had stayed, my novel would be frozen in time.

A quick rundown of the things I bought:

two commissions. One of Jasper and Alice, one of Luke from my novel.

Polymer Clay figurines of the Hitachiin twins

and a very gorgeous faerie necklace. I LOVE it.

But If I’m to be perfectly honest, guys, what I gained from the convention? You can’t put a price on it. I mean, I got advice from those that I admire! I mean, you can’t ask for a better souvenir than that!

ConBust: The Writer’s Dream Convention (Part One Friday and Saturday)

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Now, I am pretty sure there are a lot of conventions out there that are specific to writers. But ConBust suited my needs quite nicely.

We got there a little late on Friday so I missed the Young Adult panel, which is a shame, but I was only disappointed briefly, because I got to see Holly Black later. Let me tell you. You hear all these horrible stories about how nasty famous authors cane be towards their fans and stuff. Holly is the exact opposite. She was incredibly nice, and very gratuitous of her fans. She signed all of my Modern Faerie Tale books, and my Spiderwick Guide to the Fantastical World Around You. We left, and didn’t do much else after that.

After not sleeping much on Friday (because I had to finish Ironside, and because I got woken up due to the fact that I was snoring and woke Gene up…go figure. Gene of all people.), we got up really early on Saturday morning to do a guest breakfast. We were thinking it was going to be fancy, and everything, right? Not right at all. Haha. The thing about it is, it was very informal, with very little moderation. If any at all. Well, Holly and her husband Theo Black were a little late, so I invited them to sit with us. They sat
behind us. After greetings and everything, I said to Holly, “OMG. Ironside was awesome, but you ruined my fanfic!” I was kidding, and she took it lightly too. I explained to her what I was having happen in the fanfic, and she told me to have it be AU. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t know too many authors that will tell someone that their fanfic is okay if ruins their own canon. Haha.

So the first panel I went to was Urban Fantasy, with, you got it, Holly Black. There’s a story here, actually. Holly didn’t know where her next panel was, so I whipped out my program, and then proceeded to lead Holly there. ^^ Her fee? Hehe. A picture with proof that I had met her. LOL. I was on joking with her about the fee, but I was thinking about Ravus when I said it. So! The Urban Fantasy panel. I learned so much more about it than I realized. Haha. Like, I had no idea there were two different types of Urban Fantasy. Closed and Open. In Open fantasy, everyone knows about the fantastical world, and it’s considered the norm. In Closed fantasy, no one knows and at some point in the novel, the writer has to write a scene where the world is revealed to the character(s) that doesn’t know it’s there.

Examples of Closed Fantasy:

Tithe and Valiant

Examples of Open Fantasy:

Harry Potter series.

Anyway. That’s enough of that lecture. I just thought it was really interesting!

I went to a panel at one o’clock, and at that panel, I found out all about Myths, Faeries and Folklore. The key discssion seemed to be what we do in this day and age that modernizes it. One of my favorite discussion was “We need a faerie to stop them changing the facebook home page!”. I Laughed SO hard. There wasn’t a whole lot to that panel, and I feel as though I Could’ve used that panel another way, but. Eh. What do I know?

After that panel, I wandered with Lexi a bit, taking in the stuff I had learned, and even talking to Anette Curtis Klause about her book, Blood and Chocolate, which is a title I am familiar with, but only as a movie. She didn’t like her book’s adaptation, and so she strongly urges her readers to read the book, and ignore the movie. LOL.

After about half an hour of that, I went back upstairs, and found Holly sitting alone by herself. I didn’t want to interrupt her, but she spoke to me first. The next thing I knew, the two of us were talking like school friends. I mean, she was so full of insight, and completely understanding of the worries of a first time author wanting to get their novel published. One of the conversations we had dealt with the idea of characters communicating. She told me I’m not the only one who’s told her that their muses don’t shut up. LOL. and I was really hoping that we hadn’t offended anyone. (muses or otherwise). I almost missed my next panel, so I had to let her go, and it was sad, because as much fun as I had with the other authors, I really felt like Holly and I really seemed to connect. Maybe I”m just a fangirl dreaming, but eh.

My next panel covered a topic I really needed to be a part of. Lady and the Vamp with Inanna Arthens covered the history of the vampire in fiction, and women’s role in the genre as both writers and readers. I learned some very interesting facts. Like, I didn’t know that the whole thing with sunlight killing a vampire came from an unauthorized production of Dracula. It was never supposed to be about that. ^^ That made me drop a jaw, let me tell you. I had always thought it was canon.

We went to at least one of Theo Black’s panels. This one was more for Lexi, but it ended up being worth my while to just relax, and not have to focus so hard on stuff of my own thing. I did try and force Luke to behave himself during that panel, but LOL. You know how that works! Anyway, this panel. It was hilarious. It was mostly guys, but the girl who runs Devel Wears Pantie was there, and she was funny too. Right before the panel started, LOL, Theo was trying to get his Ramune open. Well, I popped out of my chair, and started to help him, right? Well. He moved too fast for me, and so it ended up going everywhere I felt really bad for him. Especially because I giggled. I’m so sorry, Theo! I should’ve never done that! Anyway, it was kinda funny, and it set the tone for the rest of the panel.

Sadly, I ended up leaving that panel because I was going to be late for my next very important one, which was about the publishing industry. I learned a crap load of stuff from that panel. I mean, and it almost makes me terrified of getting published, to be honest with you. Mmm. But one thing that did come out of it was the that Inanna Arthens wants to see my novel when it’s finished. I am terrified. She also told me “Take off the training wheels of fanfic, and do your own thing”. Right, Inanna. I’ll disappoint all my readers to be selfish and work on my own stuff. Haha.

I had one more panel on Saturday, and that was with Holly, Annette and Patricia Briggs. Hehe. This one dealt with eroticism, and the demon lover. Edward Cullen came up quite a few times here, and I kept myself quiet. They weren’t talking bad, just…eh. But I had a good time at this panel, and I got a lot of comments on my fairy wings. Holly just loved them. OMG. ^^So yeah, there really isn’t much to say about this panel, because it really did get out of hand.

Sad, and irritated

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Okay. So, I had a good night of sleep. I mean, I feel rested for the first time in a long time. I had a dream about Carmen SanDiego. LOL. Like, me and the guys from Rock a Pella were on some kind of crazy case. I wish I could remember the details. I know Daisy would’ve been a little amused.

Then I had a dream about the wolves of the Quileute…. go figure. My Quileute muses can’t even leave me alone long enough to let me sleep without seeing them. LOL.

So this morning. I get up, and have an email from Ella-Bella. Her mom has taken her computer away from her until the end of the Summer. That’s just fantastic. *sarcasm* I feel bad for her, and I know she’s going to go nuts, because the internet was her sanity, kinda, with all her craziness. But. That also means I’ve offiicially lost my very last Twilight RPer. I’m so frustrated. Nothing seems to want to go right for that.

But I guess in the long run, I probably don’t need to RP my plots out as much as I used to. See, I have written a couple of one-shots without Rps. The one for Alec and Jane, and the one for Sam and Leah. That tells me that I have enough confidence in myself to pull this off. But, really. Ella-Bella’s mom is just. UGH. She reminds me of April’s mom in a lot of ways, and that really makes me irate. This was not the news I wanted to wake up to. Later today, I’m going to see Pat next door to plan out my brother’s B-day card, and everything. ^^ I’ll have to get Pat 3.00 after I get back from vacation, but that’s okay.

Well, I’m off to work on the large argument with Jacob and the Cullens. It should be loads of fun!


Twilight DVD Review: The Good, The Great, The Awesome!

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So, yesterday, my Twilight DVD came in! Hooray! We watched it late last night, which is why the review is late.

I didn’t see any official extended scenes in the DVD movie itself. Maybe they meant that the extended scenes are in the Special features. Hmm. I’ll have to check that out. Seeing it on DVD, and away from the haters was definitely much better. There are scenes in the movie that I never really caught the full emotion of because of them, and when I was able to sit and bask in the glow of these moments alone, and without scrutinizing anything, I found some of them even more poignant. One scene that comes to mind when I say this is the scene where Edward has to suck the venom out of Bella in order to save her. For some reason, that song gets to me now. (“Let Me Sign”)

The Bonus Feature documentary is one that I will watch over and over again, I think. It was great to see my writing idol on the screen, and listen to her talk so animatedly about her characters, her babies, if you will. She reminds me so much of myself, and I really connect with her. *hugs Stephenie Meyer*.

What I really liked is that I got to see some of the interviews that had been posted on the internet initially. See, when they were hyping the movie for Twilight, I had JUST gotten into the fandom, so I was busy trying to get the books read. Indeed, when I started going to the movie parties, I had to be careful, not wanting to get spoilers for Breaking Dawn! So, needless to say, I wasn’t scouring the internet, looking for interviews for any of it. So I feel like I did the right thing, waiting till the DVD.

I got a kick out of seeing the behind the scenes for two of my favorite scenes in the movie: The baseball scene, and the ballet studio fight. I know that probably sounds really weird, going from them cutting loose, to fighting, but heh. I really liked the choreography for the studio scene. And of course I LOVED the baseball thing. That scene was like seriously EPIC. Hehe.

But the most wonderful thing for me with the behind the scenes stuff was seeing Jackson Rathbone talking so candidly of Jasper! I love Jasper, I love Jasper, I love Jasper!! and seriously? I think Jackson loves him too. ^^ Not in the same way, I’m sure, but still.

Kellan Lutz is a lot like Emmett, in that he just goes where life takes him. And I really think that’s it. Emmett really enjoyed his life as a human, and when he became a vampire, he decided to just go with it, and he deals with it as well as he can. For that reason, I think Emmett and I might be a little more alike than I’d probably care to admit. I’m glad Kellan gave us some of that insight. *bear hugs him*

Well, gonna jet! See you guys soon!!

Weekly Writing Update: 3-23-09

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I know this is a bit late. Sorry! Anyway. This week, I will be finishing up posting the last of “What the Heart Wants”, and posting yet another chapter of “Remember Me”. I have begun a few projects that are not to be posted before I have finished them. These are as follows:

A fic for Rosalie and Emmett that is sort of a mirror image of the ones I wrote for Jasper and Alice, but very different. It is still untitled as of yet.

A story for Embry called “Somewhere I Belong”, about his half-sister Vanessa who is sent to live on the Reservation after her mother is forced to go on welfare, and cannot afford to feed all of them.

The sequel to “Remember Me” called “A Home For Life”, which is about what happens when a massive vampire invasion forces the Cullens to send Amy to live on the Quileute Reservation for her protection.

And the companion fic to “Lost and Found” that is to be told from Alice’s point of view.

While not all of these have been officially started, they are all slated to begin in early May, if not sooner. The ones that I have started are:

The Emmett and Rosalie fic

“Somewhere I Belong”


“A Home for Life”

While I will be continuing work on all of these, I will be putting more time and effort into the writing of my own novel, Protected One, so that it can be close to ready by the time we get to next Winter. That’s when the hard work begins. (Finding a publisher).

Okay. So it begins already!

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Okay, I’m already ticked, and New Moon JUST Started filming. I should be happy, right? WRONG! I just found out they axed Solomon Trimble as Sam Uley! And THEN found out they axed Krys “Smokey Desperado” as Embry Call! What. The. Hell?!

The reasoning I’ve heard was “We wanted more experienced actors”. That’s bullshit. The guy they got to play “one of Jacob’s friends” has like ONE credit on his IMDB. ONE! And for god sake, Solomon was the real deal! He has Quileute family! Grr! I don’t know why they axed Krys as Embry. There was no real reason to do that! Unless, and I’m probably wishful thinking here, they decided to have him play Seth Clearwater. But man. *cries*

The only other Quileute besides Jacob that’s offiicially cast right now is Jared. I don’t know how I feel about him. They need to cast Quil and I guess re-cast Embry. They better do it right! They better do those two justice! Or I swear no one’s going to rest easy, and where the hell is Gil in the credits? Tell me they didn’t re-cast Billy Black. I will seriously cry. He was PERFECT!

This probably won’t be last rant on New Moon. I promise you this .

Edit: Gil Birmingham doesn’t appear to be doing New Moon at all, and it doesn’t look like they’re planning for Billy Black to be in New Moon. That ought to be really interesting. I wonder how they’re planning to deal with Jacob’s thousands of phone calls. *glares*