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So, I spent most of last night and today writing, right? I have stuff that needs to go up on, and Well. Guess what? Both sites are down. >.< How very annoying.

What have I been working on? I have Ch. 4 of “Remember Me” done. I will have Ch. 5 done by the time they get this fixed, and I want to work some more on Ch. 8 of “What the Heart Wants”.

I’ve decided I don’t really like how Ch. 6 of my novel has gone, so I might re-start it. *SIGH* Luke can’t make up his mind how exactly he wants to do this. So I have to probably take a step back, and try to figure out how I want to do it. And then go to the Commons, which wer are working on right now. Looks like we’ll be going. I need to take my notebook, and a pen.

I am looking forward to the research process. Heh. I love Kathy’s expression: “You can muddle through the chapter till I can get you there, right?”
Me: No. The whole chapter takes place in the Commons. And I need time to work on it.

Chapter Six is very important, because this is where the story really starts taking off. I can’t say where it’s going, because I don’t want to give anything away. Suffice it to say that Charley is about to find herself in another new home. That’s all you need to know. Well, off I go. See you guys later!!



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I am feeling very accomplished today. (Well. It’s technically Sunday, right?) I got “Eyes on Fire” and “What the Heart Wants” updated! And I started Ch. 4 of “Remember Me”. ^^

I’ll finish that up tomorrow, and then begin to finish up Ch. 6 of my novel. Hehe. Anyway, that IS the plan. Don’t know how well it’s going to work, because “Remember Me” seems to be the more dominant fic. ^^ WEll, gonna head off. See you guys later!

Dropping By!

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Wow. I have been uber busy the last couple of days. I began this really neat fic for Twilight where a girl who’s lost her brother later has a terrible accident that lands her in the alternate universe of the Twilight Saga. I am loving this fic So much. It doesn’t feel like any of my other fics that are similar to it. Indeed, it’s very different for me.

I feel the emotions in this one. I don’t know why it’s any different from the others, but it is. However, it is taking away from my work on Eyes on Fire, and What the Heart Wants. Sorry to everyone who have been waiting for updates on those. But when you get the inspiration to write something, you really should grab it by the horns and take it for it’s ride.

And I feel even sorrier for my novel, because now I can’t even focus on that. I need to re-center my focus, and get it going again. I did start the next chapter, but I didn’t get very far on it. I need to rectify that situation at once.

I have a new Fictionpress account. That account is for my original writings. I have decided that not everything has to be published into a book. The short stories that I choose to write for that account are going to be far and few between, but I love all the writiings I’ve been doing. Fanfiction and original equally. They are all my babies.

For any one who is curious these are my writing accounts, where I have things published. (For all of my fanfiction, Twilight included.) (My original works that I choose are here.) (this is my exclusive Twilight Fanfiction account.)

Tithe:A Modern Faerie Tale (A Review)

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I just got done with Tithe:A Modern Faerie Tale by Holly Black. What an amazing interpretation of the fey. I am astounded. I like the emotion, and the attention to detail that she had within the pages.

My interested in fairies is not a new one, as you well know. Let’s take into consideration that I LOVE Tinkerbell, and I am not beyond reading anything remotely Fairy related. (Explains why I might be getting the Disney Fairies books). To me, Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale stands in a class by itself where Faerie books are concerned. I am excited to read the other two books in the series. Ironside and Valiant.


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Wow. I am really surprised this morning. I mean, I’m still recovering from last night, but wow. Check this out.

I talked to Ella about that real life/fictional world crossover, and she agreed I should do it! I couldn’t believe it. She thinks it might be interesting. I don’t know that I can deliver “interesting”, but I am definitely sure it’d be fun to write. It might be a little indulgent on my part, but hey, after all the other fics I’m writing….

I just need a good start….

100 Monkeys, Fan fiction update, Random stuff

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Okay. First. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 100 Monkeys. They’re Jackson’s band. Some might say I love them because I love Jackson. Well, they’re partly right. But really, their sound is really different, and unique from anything I’ve ever heard. They ALMOST, but not quite, remind me of PLID, which was Chris Patton’s band. (They broke up. *sniffle*)

I made a decision about fan fiction. I have decided not to write my fan fic on a schedule. It needs to be a side project, and my original writing needs to come to the forefront. So that’s what I’ve decided. I won’t be putting strain on myself with fan fiction. I truly, and honestly need to get to work on my novel, and make it work for me.

And on more random notes. I have almost completed my Krystion plushie. XD He looks SO cute. I LOVE him so much. ^^ I’m just waiting to sew his wings on. I went over to Pat’s tonight, and assembled them to an extent. They have glitter and they’re shiny!! I will make sure to post pictures of this plushie. He’s very complicated to make, but I love him SO much!

My Jasper plushie got finished over Valentine’s Day weekend. He’s CUTE! Now I have portable Jasper. ^^ CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

My Twilight fandom is getting stronger. I had a very vivid dream about Jackson, but I don’t know if I posted it here, so I don’t want to re-post. I’ll check. If I didn’t, I’ll post it.

Well, gonna head off. Talk to you guys later!!

Jackson’s Southern Comfort

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Oh. My. God. If I don’t get to meet Jackson Rathbone in this life, I’d better meet him in Heaven or…the afterlife. Because seriously? He’d be the perfect person to talk to about anything, if he’s anything like my dream last night.

So. In this dream, I was at a poetry reading, and Jackson went up. He read some poetry that I thought was very fitting. I don’t exactly remember what it was about, but I liked it. Then I read some poetry that I had written that reminded me of Jasper and Alice. (Mind you, I had not PLANNED on Jackson being there.)

After the poetry reading, Jackson came up to me (with Ashley Greene. Don’t know when she showed up, actually), and asked me about that poem, so I told them. Apparently, Jackson had picked up on the references, as had Ashley. So we were drinking coffee, and just generally having a good time, until I got some kind of text, telling me that Taylor Lautner had died…LOL, he was killed by wolves. Irony much?

Of course, Ashley and Jackson are just as torn about this as I am, but Jackson just kinda held us both. And I can hear this Southern twang of his voice, and it had a very satisfactory Jasper-like effect on us both. As we were leaving to join Kristen, Kellan and Nikki at the hospital, I got another text. This one was from Solomon (who plays Sam) and it said that they were mistaken. They were able to revive Taylor, and he was fine. We still headed to the hospital. And of course, Taylor was there, and he was pretty mangled, and I asked him (don’t ask me WHY I did) if he had seen Tyler (who, in my head, had been cast as Seth). He said no, but he would pass on my message of love if I wanted him to. Then I got him to autograph my Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl DVD.

Very weird, and random dream, though I still like the part at the beginning when he (Jackson) was reading poetry, and I just remembered. It wasn’t specifically poetry! It was lyrics to “Small Lean”, a song by 100Monkeys, his band. Kind of cool.

Other than that, I slept pretty good, once my stomach settled. Meh. I’m not looking forward to the shit load of writing I need to do today. >.> It’s going to be really hard to focus. Because I still don’t have a straight up plot for “What the Heart Wants”. Anyway, I’m gonna go, and see what I can get done.