My Stats as a Writer

I thought if I was going to be posting so much writing, I had better come up with some numbers…er…stats, in case anyone wanted them:

Name: Heather (last name only if you’ve known me a year. Sorry.)
Age: 28
Fanfics Written: 54 (and many more to come, I should think. Go Twilight muses!)
Original Stories: Several.

I am currently working on my own novel. I tend to write in cycles. What that means is that I will go through a period where I won’t work on anything original, because I’ve gotten involved in a particular fandom. My current cycle is Fanfiction. The fandom? If you can’t guess by the username, it’s Twilight! I am not ashamed to admit it, and if you want to throw things at me? Go ahead. I am also (as of January 2009) beginning to work on more original stories by entering contests, and challenging myself every day.

I have generally been writing in one form or another since I was old enough to spell. Writing is my ultimate escape. There is nothing so refreshing after a bad day, or on days when I just need to get away than to escape into a good fic chapter. Of course, this can have opposite effects, when you have to get into a character’s darker side. Just ask my friends about a recent nightmare I had.

I find that I tend to write like what I read. I am constantly reading, looking for ways to improve my writing style. My current adoration falls on Stephenie Meyer. But in the past, I have also looked up to C.S. Lewis, Julian May, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mercedes Lackey. Meyer, with her Twilight Saga, taught me that it’s okay to be more descriptive. You can say SO much without having the characters say anything at all. Description is key in drawing your readers in. I will take that with me to my grave, even if my novel never gets published.

Haven’t decided what I will publish in here first. I will let you know when I have decided. Please, enjoy your time here! Oh, and if you ARE A Twilight fan? I do take fic requests within reason.


5 Responses to “My Stats as a Writer”

  1. Too bad you can’t take any of my XS fic requests. D:

  2. Wow. I can relate to you on a number of levels; especially the writing. I want to say more, but rest assured you are not alone.

    I am new to this Twilight party! Check out a newbs take on the movie. I at least hope you will appreciate my writing quality. It is hard to fit a lot in when you keep the word count in the 500’s.

  3. I read the beginning of a really good book on writing but had to give it back to the library. 😦 I’ve never forgotten what it taught me, though. Always balance the descriptive writing with dialogue; never have too much of either in a block of writing. It’s served me well.

  4. Hey,

    Thank you so much for the great review of my book, Cat the Vamp. You actually GET IT! lol… I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. I put your review up on the front page of my website. Just thought I’d let ya know. ❤

    • teamjalice1863 Says:

      OMG. Christina (if I may call you that), you are very talented. I would be interested in learning some tips for this third person omnipresent, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, from one writer to another…

      I heard from the publisher there is another book planned? I can’t wait. 🙂

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