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Okay, so I’m not really pissed anymore. I’ve had some time to calm down. BUT! I did not get to the shopping I really wanted to do. I wanted to go to Claire’s and get more hairbands, and I wanted to go to Old Navy too. Well, at least by Friday, I’ll be able to use my credit card, and I won’t feel so bad about it.

But the whole reason none of this got done? It’s freakin’ New Year’s Eve, and damned teens wanted to go home and have sex and drink! Hello. New Year’s Eve is NOT the holiday! Why the Hale did everything close around 5:00pm? 6, I can see, but 5?! That’s ridiculous!

Well, I did a couple of things I went out for. I got a new Cullen shirt, which has the Cullen Crest on it, and the Cullen-Hales, minus James and his crew. That makes me feel better.

Then went to Barnes and Noble, and finally got my hands on Tithe by Holly Black. I have been looking for it for ever. Saw the first book in the Southern Vampire series too, but it was 23.00 and I wasn’t ready to spend that kind of money on it right away. Maybe for my b-day if I get another giftcard for B and N.

Then went to Michael’s and got some scrapbooking supplies. That ran me up by 21.00 something Glad I didn’t buy the Sookie book, though I really really do want to try it out sometime. anyway, that’s it. See you guys later!


Irritated to find out….

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That I am NOT over him. I don’t think I ever will be, and it pisses me off that I got so freakin’ hung up on a guy that will never return those feelings. Why? Why do I do this to myself constantly? First Jay, then Barry, and now this! But this is the first time I am absolutely smitten. And I can’t do a damn thing about it.

And in case you’re wondering? No, this is not about Jackson. I’m not That rabid. I love him, I really do, but no,this is about someone else entirely. His name is Will. Well, that’s what we’ve always called him. He’s such a sweet guy, but he’s never going to look at me the same way I see him, and it really freakin’ hurts.

Where’s Jasper Hale when I need him? *sighs*

My Mixed Bag of a Night Last Night

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Okay, so last night was kinda a mixed bag. I had a lot going good, and some not going so good.

First and foremost, I finished the first chapter of my novel. Well, the rough draft. I don’t know when I’ll possibly get around to brushing that up. But I guess that will come with time. The goal here is just to get the novel written. We’ll worry about the details of editing later.

The second thing that happened is that I wrote the rest of Ch. 3 for Lost and Found. I sent that off to my beta as soon as I was done.

Some things happened online between some friends that I won’t mention for their privacy, and then my connection started acting up while I was trying to send some Paramore to my friend Aubrie, who requested it. *kills connection violently* I am not liking Vista at all. I hate it. Absolutely hate it!!

Preparations for a New fic

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Okay, so I finished Chapter 3 of Lost and Found. So then I started to think about this. I have no idea how I’m to handle the sequel for “Now You’re One of Us”! So I started to work on it.

Yes, I have the full version of Page Four, so I can now organize my work, and fics to my heart’s content!

Here are the things I need to decide for the sequel:


Jasper’s job (for appearances)

Alice’s Job (though I have a great idea for that. WOn’t say here. You’ll have to wait and see!)

The location in Texas where they move Emma. (That needs to be a woodsy, forest area, more than likely. Don’t know if I’m going to find that in Texas. One would think there’d be a little forest anywhere…but I don’t think so.)

So I will need to do some small research before I begin this one. >.> I tihnk I might have Jasper being a Janitor. It would be a small job, to keep appearances. Alice will be home schooling Emma. That’s about all I know.

Oh and Peter and Charlotte picked up an orphaned vampire from Maria’s rampages, named Kammy. She’s actually fourteen, but she was turned when she was six, just like Emma. her turning was an accident though. Emma becomes friends with her, much to Jasper and Alice’s displeasure, because Kammy’s family feeds off humans, and Emma starts to back slide. (But that’s all the plot you guys are getting! Sorry!)

Anyhow! I hit full status at the Jackson Rathbone forums. That means I am a full member there now. ^^ Whoo! I have Jacksper (that’s just what I call her!) and Alli Whitlock to thanks for that. We had a ball yesterday after I watched Senior Skip Day.

The family has been watching the Lord of the Rings movies back to back for the last two nights. It’s really annoying because they’ve been starting them at god awful late hours of the night, when I’m ready to go to bed!

I think I was up pretty late last night, because I couldn’t help but overhear the movie. >.> See, it wouldn’t bother me if they’d turn it down once in awhile, but they don’t. But I’ve got my Advil PM, and it helps!!

Tomorrow, I am going shopping ala Alice Cullen, and I am going to have a ball!! Got Hot Topic cards, and I’ll have MONEY too. ^^ Whee!!

Alice Cullen Handmade Dress

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Alice Cullen Dress

I want this dress SO much. I am going to have our local seamstress try and reproduce it. ^^ I am getting my hair cut in the spring. I want to be totally Alice-fied!! She’s SO awesome, and we’re a lot alike. the biggest thing we have in common is our love for Jasper!!

Senior Skip Day: The Next Ferris Bueller

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This movie….is raunchy comedy at it’s best. The last time I saw a movie this funny and that raunchy was The New Guy, and that was a long time ago.

I rented this movie because I wanted to see Jackson Rathbone outside of his Jasper Hale role. he does NOT disappoint, but I will be honest. It was kind off, seeing him in a comedic role, after seeing him as Jasper. It wasn’t a bad weird though. It was a good weird. As in, I like the fact that he can be versatile. Some of the other Twilight actors (not Rob and Kristen) but some of the others tend to the same type roles over and over.

I have been on the Jackson forums almost day. I love it there. I am working on becoming a full member there, post wise. ^^ I have made some really good friends there. anyway, going back there now. I am listening to 100 Monkeys, Jackson’s band. It’s pretty….jamie Cullum-ish, but not at the same time. Odd, yes, but true!!

Alice Was In my Dream!! O.M.G!!

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Huh. I wonder what the pattern here is….

Last night, Alice Cullen was in my dream. We were shopping. First we were at Claire’s and I was getting some hair bands. As if I needed more, right? I have tons. I just love them. They have so much personality, really. Then we were at a thrift store. She’s not too keen on it, but I manage to show her that it’s okay to shop from thrift store racks.

Then we met Jasper for lunch. Don’t ask. I have NO idea what they were doing, eating food. Oh, wait. Yes. I do. Check this: In reality, it had been some kind of fan contest that I had won, and Ashley Greene (as Alice) and Jackson Rathbone (as Jasper, of course) were giving me a full day, in their Twilight character personas, minus the blood drinking thing, obviously. It was totally wicked!! What I wouldn’t give to have dreams like this more, becasue seriously? It was a nice break from the normal nightmares I’ve been having.

Oh and just at the end, I had a surprise visitor. Kellan! And guess what we did? ^^ We went to a batting cage. And…LOL!! “Supermassive Black Hole” started playing, just as we were taking aim. And that’s how I woke up with that song stuck in my head. So funky, these dreams are sometimes. ^^